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Career Astrology : Mars in virgo

Career Astrology : If the Mars occupies Virgo the native may make one a musician or a shilpi or a technocrat or a dependent on land.

Win with Mars in Virgo
Mars is a celestial presence of great potency and strength for individuals. Arrival of Mars in Virgo is seen as a benefic and with big influence. Mars in Virgo natives become goal oriented and practical while being productive and busy.

Mars in Virgo individuals do many things at the same time that too quite well. They can handle a variety of tasks at once, with a tendency to take up too many things at a time. These individuals are not particularly aggressive from their nature. Although they are little hard nose and critical these individuals would rarely resort to push other people around. Still these people can get annoying at times. If their anger is aroused they would turn into a complaining, over critical person. Generally these individuals do not make into nuisances so the stage is unlikely to last for a long period. This is however a sensitive position also.

Mars in Virgo natives do not take much to make themselves nervous. They would be quite protective about the system for getting things done. Although in a more humble and general life sense, these people are quite particular of their methods, their organization and accomplishment of goals mostly with work. They have a nervous energy to their readiness. With some staying power, they can also be restless and are not given to sticking to same project for too long. These natives from Mars in Virgo, derive lots of energy and life force from the things that they do, either work, hobbies or projects. An idle native is a sorry sight indeed. By being fidgety, nervous and worried they make a sure sign that they have little to do or far too much on their side.

Mars in Virgo people are perfectionists while they are first to deny though it would be there. As they get worried of not producing anything, they can get worried of production or services being ever measured up to anything. With earthy and somewhat nervous sexuality, people with Mars in Virgo get characterized easy. In another sense, their good performance in bed is similar to that in work. While these people are good at what they do, these would generally be open to experimentations with need to feed curiosity and feel savvy. There is often shy and humble side of Mars in Virgo in area that involves putting themselves there and letting go. For the natives the drive for knowledge and experience is important which generally wins over their natural reticence.


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