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All the information, advice, views and astrological interpretations depicted on this site are purely for entertainment purposes. When you avail any advice, suggestion or interpretation from this site or any other affiliate of the site or the company, you release Astrovalley from all the liabilities in respect to the content that you receive from the site. 

The information, advice and astrological interpretations provided on the website of Astrovalley are in no way responsible for influencing your decision and behavior. By accessing the site you completely agree that Astrovalley is a curio and pure entertainment for you take the responsibility of the consequence that you may have to face after utilizing the information sourced from the site. 

Astrology and Forecasting  
All the information and predictions provided by Astrovalley provided to individuals via personal consultation, e-mail and telephone are completely based on the accuracy of the data provided by clients. Clients must abide by the guidelines while judging the forecasts, information, prediction, business and life trends. As far as forecasts are concerned, Astrovalley does not ensure their correctness and the forecasts are made purely for indicative purposes. By acting depending solely on the forecasts you release Astrovelley of all the responsibilities and you do agree that you yourself will be responsible for the consequences. For health issues Astrovalley adviced you to get the help of a doctor and for financial issues it is better to consult a financial analyst. 

Astrovalley considers users under the age of 18 as minors and hence requires them to take permission from any one of their parents before availing the services. However, Astrovalley does not monitor the age of its users.

If by law accessing astrological information and advice is not permitted in your locality, you choose to use the website and all its content and/or the contents found in its affiliate portals at your own risk and you do not hold Astrovalley responsible for the legal consequences.