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The Moon is a spiritual planet which is very sensitive and calm. Moon creates a positive and happy surrounding by giving love, faith, openness and devotion. Moon, being the most sensitive among all the planets, can be easily influenced by other planets’ powers. Saturn’s powers can give depression and detachment to Moon. Generally, Moon denotes responsiveness and also apathy at the same time. Because of the lunar effects, we may feel pain, soreness in life and also life filled with happiness and peace alternatively. To connect with this planet and to get blessed with this planetary power, you can chant the following special Mantra for Moon. This Mantra can boost all the shakti or power vested in this plant.


"Om Shrim Som Somaya Namah"


Two more mantras for the planet Moon are given below and you can choose the either one of them to recite in regular basis. You can choose the mantra which is easy to remember.


"Om shraam shreem shraum sah chandramasay namah"

"Om som somaaya namah"


These Mantras are chanted along with the string of 108 jepa beads which are very much similar to the rosaries. The best time to recite these Moon mantras is on Mondays. It has to be recited 11000 times in the evenings, around the time of full moon. You can begin this regular recitation on a bright half of the Moon.A ‘Sri Yantr’ and/or ‘Laxmi Yantra’ can be kept in the place of the recitation, as they increase the possibility of your prayers being answered sooner.Gayatri Mantra for Moon is as follow.


"Om Nisakaraaya vidmahe, kalanaathaya dhimahi, tanno Somah prachodayat"


The above Gayatri mantra comprises of three parts. The first ine is the Chants to the Moon. The second id the actual mantra for Moon and the final part is the abstract of the mantra’s powers and energies.Generally, this Gayatri Mantra is recited 3 times in a day, at sunrise, noon and sunset. This is referred as Gayatri, the youthful form of the Goddess, during the sunrise period. Gayatri is the consort of Lord Brahma, the creator of all human beings. At noon time, it is known as Savitri, the mature form, the consort of Lord Shiva. At sunset, it is named as Sarasvati, the consort of Lord Vishnu. Also, by chanting the following Puranic Mantra (11000 times), you can get the blessings of the Moon.


"Dahhi-shankha-tusharabham kshirodarnava-sambhavam

namami shashinam soman sambhor mukta-bhushanam"


The English translation is,“I present my obeisance’s to the Moon God, who has a white cheese complexion and the whiteness of conch shells and snow “The Moon God rules the soma- rasaborn from the milk ocean, and he is seen as an ornament in the head of Lord Shambu. All the above Mantras have to be chanted with pure devotion towards the Moon God. When these Mantras are chanted without any devotion will be not have any effects and the powers and the effects of this planetary deity will be totally lost.

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