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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

April 23,2024

Leo Characteristics: Dominating and Daring are the two main features of a Leo. They like to be in power and they are commanding in nature. They are also very out spoken and frank, but at the same time, they can be affectionate and caring. Leos always prefer to rule than to be ruled by some other. You want nothing but power and authority. All the other things are very inferior according to you. Hence, you are not satisfied with any normal jobs or occupation. Leos always aim high for a lavish life. Though you are very authoritative, you are very religious. Art, Literature and travelling are the other interests for you. You try to contribute as much as you can for the charitable organisations.


Leo Love Life: Leo’s courtship would never fail. They can easily entice their partner with their passion and love. They would stay faithful till the very end. They lose their charm when the love begins to wear off slowly. Leos in love will be extremely happy. The ever blooming romance and the affectionate love create an everlasting bonding between them.


Leo Physical Appearance:  Most of the Leos are believed to have a strong physique. They are filled with enthusiasm and energy which keeps them on the move all the time. You are lucky to have a slim body with stylish looks. You do not like fall sick and you tend to recover soon if you fall sick.


Leo Health: To avoid back pain problems and overweight problems, you need to follow a regular physical exercise routine. Too much strain in the muscles may also be not good for the body. You can avoid any heart diseases and spinal cord problems by taking brisk walks daily. 


Leo Professional and business: Leos are very generous in terms of money and cash. They are very bad at savings. So they need to extra careful with their expenses and income. In case of any business related issues, you should try to solve it without court interference. There is a fire danger for a part of your property, so you need to be careful. You may not get any positive financial deals from your family and relatives.


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