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 Leo is expressive and overwhelmed whereas Virgo is hesitant to express his feelings. The compatibility between both of them could be influenced because of Leo's pride and Virgo's state of mind of reaction. Leo consistently prefers to ‘show-off’ and unexpectedly Virgo abstains from being in the spotlight. This connection may work well if both of them are equipped to embrace one another's state of mind. Assuming that Virgo can instruct the lessons of humbleness to his Leo mate then this adoration-match could work well.

Leo Man’s Match with Virgo Woman
As compared to the Leo woman and Virgo man, this duo of Leo man and Virgo woman posses muuh more capability. A Virgo lady does her work legitimately and wishes to be admired by her soul mate in terms of work. Leo men are mandating and demanding, on the other hand the Virgo lady may be excessively reprimanding. If a Virgo lady can lead him towards attitude change then this could be a good love match. 

Leo Woman’s Match with Virgo Man
In the beginning stages, this association may work well yet this match ought to be dodged. A Leo young lady may be excessively mandating and wishes that her goals might as well constantly be satisfied which is not conceivable for a Virgo man. A Virgo man might create a fuss over all the proposed things by a Leo lady, as she is full of love and passion and like to shower her unconditional love on his Virgo lover. A Virgo man may discourage his Leo associate by his curious conduct. 

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