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Bird Astrology

   Five Bird Astrology and Importance in Day to Day Life ie going for career interview

1.  Ashwini  Vulture  Peacock
2.  Bharani    Vulture  Peacock
3.  Krittika  Vulture  Peacock
4.  Rohini  Vulture  Peacock
5.  Mrigasira   Vulture  Peacock
6.  Aridra  Owl  Rooster
7.  Punarvasu   Owl  Rooster
8.  Pushyami  Owl  Rooster
09.  Ashlesha  Owl  Rooster
10.  Magha  Owl  Rooster
11.  P,Phalguni   Owl  Rooster
12.  U,Phalguni  Crow  Crow
13.  Hasta  Crow  Crow
14.  Chitra   Crow  Crow 
15.  Swati   Crow  Crow
16.  Visakha   Crow  Crow
17.  Anuradha   Crow  Crow
18.  Jyestha  Rooster  Owl
19.  Moola   Rooster  Owl
20.  Purvashadha   Rooster  Owl
21.  Uttarashadha   Rooster  Owl
22.  Shravana  Rooster  Owl
23.  Dhanistha   Rooster  Owl
24.  Shatabhistha   Rooster  Owl
25.  Purvabhadra  Rooster  Owl
26.  Uttarabhadra  Rooster  Owl
27.  Revati   Rooster  Owl
28 Abhijjit Rooster Owl

Friendship Enemy Chart For Marriage Consideration

Vulture  Peacock,Owl  Crow,Rooster Ashwini ,Aridra,P,Phalguni,Visakha,Uttarashadha  
Owl  Vulture,Crow  Rooster,Peacock Bharani,Punarvasu,U,Phalguni,Anuradha,Shravana 
Crow  Rooster,Owl  Vulture,Peacock Krittika,Pushyami,Hasta,Jyestha,Dhanistha
Rooster  Owl,Peacock  Vulture,Owl Rohini,Ashlesha,Chitra,Moola,Shatabhistha 
Peacock  Vulture,Rooster  Owl,Crow Mrigasira,Magha,Swati,Purvashadha,Purvabhadra,Uttarabhadra, Revati


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