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Love Relationship

Let this love relationship analysis explore the foundation of your love relationship and determine the core pattern. Find out the strength of your love relationship as well as the weaknesses that leads to conflicts. It is time to put an end to misunderstandings and arguments and support each other. Get started!


$ 31.00

Marriage Match

Astrovalley horoscope expert marriage compatibility. Match your horoscope with the one you love and know what the bond of marriage brings to you Get this special marriage match report and uncover the secret ingredients that are in store for both of you. Are you both made for each other? What’s your marriage compatibility level? Get all your confusions solved with marriage match report and take your love to the next level.


$ 31.00

Love Marriage

This Love marriage report will give you a true insight into your relationship from each other's perspective. What attracts you to each other? How do you come out the best in each other? What are the strengths in your  love marriage and what are the tough challenges to sort out? How can you enrich and enhance this  Love marriage and take it to the next level? This report for lovers everywhere will give you the answers you are seeking. 


$ 31.00

Health Astrology

Health astrology analyzes the horoscope to determine the emotional and intellectual aspects which caused the disease of humans.diagnosing a disease by analyzing the horoscope. Prolonged illness,no-cause sickness,unidentifiable diseases and sudden injuries $ accidents may be a result of some bad ruling planet.Medical astrology has all the answers. 


$ 31.00

Child Education

Parenting requires patience.Though not taught in the schools, it is one of the most challenging and demanding assignment at home, any one of us will undertake. An astrological horoscope analysis can help you out. 


$ 31.00


Based on the planetary positions at the time of your birth. Uncover truth on your personality traits and moon sign characteristics that are for you through horoscopes reading.


$ 31.00