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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

 April 23,2024

Taurus Characteristics: Most realistic and wilful are the two main characteristics of Taurus. Being highly determined helps you in reaching the success horizon. People with this zodiac are very soft hearted, faithful and the most trustworthy. They are the best of friends you can never afford to lose in your life. Also, they can be the worst enemies to you. Moreover, you have very good expressing skills which attract people easily. You are not very friendly and shy away until you get to know the person quite well. You have hatred towards the deceiving and pretentious people and end up having fight. Normally you avoid any fights, but it becomes impossible to manage your temper once it is kindled. 

Taurus Love Life: You are a romantic person, inspite of being rational thinker. You show the romantic side only if you are thoroughly convinced about your partner and his qualities. You are a tender and caring lover with loads of patience to wait for the right person to come by. The romantic and passionate flavours you add to your marriage will keep you and your partner very happy. The person who enjoys the adventure of love and romance with you will definitely keep your safe and content. 

Taurus Physical Appearance: Taurus has a fit body and radiant skin but they easily put on weight. Their presence will be easily noticeable among the others and they have very elegant movements.

Taurus Health: Taurus will have to take extra care about their throat and neck area. Quick movements and heavy work load can give you a muscle tension. You can relax by gently massaging those parts. They are prone to get affected by cold very often. To avoid all such problems, you need to follow a healthy diet and exercise. 

Taurus Profession and business: Taurus is mostly successful entrepreneurs. They are very good in handling Finance and they can make a good living out of their own business. Their additional talents can also give them good carrier as singer, Dancer, models, jeweller and writer. Moreover, you possess the knack for the business, where you can try and find out many ways to increase the revenue for your business. To get the most favorable returns, you should invest in land and other kind of properties.

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