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Love Compatibility :Taurus - Taurus Love Compatibility

Generally, the taurians are described as the calm and sensitive as a bull. Taurians are very sensitive and soft natured people.  They are very people who try to analyse things practically and never makes hasty decisions.  But they always stick to the decisions and stay loyal to their beliefs.  They are very good companions to their friends and they are very trustworthy friends. All these positive characteristics come along with the one negative characteristic- their stubbornness. This may be cause for many disruptions in a love relationship. Their horoscope also describes their marriage compatibility may be affected due to this stubbornness quality. 

Compatibility of Taurus Man and Taurus Woman 

The theory “like poles repel” is true in this case. As both of them in this love relationship posses the same qualities, there may be many relationship issues between the love couple. As both of them are stubborn in character, there will be no harmony in their relationship. In Astrological terms, their love compatibility is very less. But their passion and romance keeps their relationship live and going. Over the time, either one o them will have to learn to adjust.  When they act practically, they will be able to find solutions for all their problems and issues

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