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Love Compatibility : Taurus - Scorpio Love Compatibility

The jealous nature of Taurus and the possessiveness of Scorpio may create a lot of problems and issues in this love relationship. Both of them suspect each other in this relation which may be the reason for many serious problems. Only if they are ready to speak their heart out, these problems can be solved easily. This will take a lot of effort and patience from both of them. They will have to take the hard way in making a relationship work. Also, they must  learn to give the personal space for each other.

Compatibility of Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman 
Astrologers would not describe them as a very bad combination. They can work out this relation and resolve the problems only if they are ready to make mature decisions and take effort to understand each other. In this process of working out the relation, their stubbornness may be a huddle. Besides these issues, they share a very good physical chemistry. The Taurus man knows how to entice their partner. They might have a high love compatibility only if they try to change their suspicious nature. 

Compatibility of Taurus Woman and Scorpio Man 
In this love affair between a Taurus woman and Scorpio man, it is more like a roller coaster ride. It will not be a smooth relationship. The Taurus woman is very suspicious about their partner which may result in problems in the relationship. Scorpio man is a person who os ready for a fight any time. This combination will have nothing but fights and arguments. To make things work smoothly, both of them must be ready to accept their differences.

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