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  • Spirituality Dr. Meghna Sharma 07-04-2015 @ 04:08 PM IST

    How praying is important for our lives

    While praying is part of my life, there are instances which I cannot forget which happened when I was still a child. My own mother and myself were about to go to our province..... read more

  • Spirituality Dr. Meghna Sharma 14-10-2015 @ 05:40 PM IST

    A psychic discovers answers that can surprise you!

    Most clients expect clairvoyants to say something like, “Yes dear, of course the guy loves you and will call you soon.” However, most psychics do not intend to lie about future of love matters to people. While majority expect to tell you what they see. You would not be surprised if clairvoyant tells you are not going to have relationship with Romeo that is in your mind. People are often shocked, saddened and depressed from the reading of a astrologer spiritual adviser. It is more unlikely about what they would expect..... read more

  • Spirituality 23-03-2015 @ 01:23 PM IST

    The Secret Sacredness of the Yoga Body

    The effectiveness of time spent on the yoga mats has always been the topic for a lot of debates as, while Yoga, for many is a way to keep the mind and body healthy, to others it is an art form meant for a select few. Not just debates, the Yogic postures that have fancy names on the names of animals and ancient birds are also a matter of great curiosity which, if analyzed practically have deep rooted meanings and linkages to ancient traditions. Indian holy men have always associated Yoga with the awakening of spirituality but the form of Yoga that is practiced in the West is more modernized and is in keeping with the body’s alignment with the Earth’s forces..... read more

  • Spirituality 26-08-2020 @ 03:21 PM IST

    How can Religion and Spirituality Affect Our Health

    Spirituality and Religion are the two faces of a coin that have a profound positive impact on the human mind and body in different ways due to which their significant existence in the lives of every human being is necessary. While spirituality is important for the mental well being of humans, it is religion that takes care of the physical well being as, while spirituality calls for the cleansing of one’s soul and thoughts by way of meditation, introspection and self analysis, religion binds an individual within a certain routine which mandates discipline and healthy living habits..... read more

  • Spirituality 23-03-2015 @ 01:36 PM IST

    How Do You Pray

    Praying can be called an activity or even a time for self when our spirituality is awakened and we become one with the divine forces of nature. While praying, our energies become one with those of the natural elements as our mind and body is usually at peace when we are praying. Interestingly enough people usually associate praying with specific rituals but it needs to be understood that these every activity done with full concentration and honesty is as good as praying as performing our worldly duties is also one form of being one with God’s plan of the universe..... read more