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Career Astrology

Career Astrology offers new promise of improved life!

People all around world want to invest wisely in their business, financial and personal affairs. They expect to love to do the things that matter most. With the beginning of this century, people also started to use career astrology in assisting how to invest money. Career Astrology is now increasingly used for these purposes. There is a new branch of career astrology called astro-cartography showing the best places for living.

Career Astrology readings bring about the necessary changes to help you grow as a person. Career Horoscope readings are best tool for people who are experiencing life problems or changes. There are many reports available with reputed astrologer like career opportunity reports for perfect job search, reports about past life, and also Just for women reports that provide an empowered journey to energize life. Almost all life conditions are touched upon by Career Astrology though there is really no limit to its applications.

An experienced Career astrology reading session could identity life challenges for you with ways to properly and consciously overcome them. This need not require your belief in Career Astrology. This is not religion or magic as it does not overtly turn frog into prince. Thus it would take a smart, humble and more beautiful on inside as you would learn to know what people tick. You would learn to understand, appreciate and accept to interact in a new way.

For a successful session you would need following;
1.      Exact time of birth
2.      Date and place of birth
3.      Internet connection
4.      An open mind
5.      An earnest desire to become master of your destiny

Step 1:
Start with the natal chart prepared. This is also called the birth chart, astrological natal chart is a map of heavens when you were born. This is like a fingerprint and provides profound insight into your own life. You can get a free birth chart made at while paying for chart online with full 20 page natal report could be anywhere between $7 to $30. Then use a consultation with professional astrologer for around $31 - $101 for about an hour on average.

Step 2:
In the next step, a personal career horoscope reading is prepared. Unlike most other newspaper daily career horoscopes this is made using personal birth date and is unique for you. You can also get a personal career horoscope forecast done for next three months, six months or year for price of $30 -$ 101. This depends on whether it is computer generated or needs a live 1-2 hour sessions with astrologer.

Step 3:
For the step 3, you might need to consult astrologer to address new life issues like dealing with love, job loss, change of residence or use of finances. You can consult and get relationship readings done online or visit astrologer locally. If you would know the other person’s detail from birthday there is a plethora of detail which you can gather about them. You can give gifts of reports, charts and astrological consultations. This is also helping you to understand your loved ones better.  You could also entertain friends with gifts and personalized attention.
Tips and warnings

1.  Start cheap and work your way up to where you feel comfortable.
2.  Intuitive means the Astrologer is kind of a psychic too!
3.  Don't just spill your guts when you sit down, let the Astrologer do most of the talking, so you'll understand just how good they are.
4.  Ask before you assume. Astrologers might not do charts for people without their consent (it is considered spying by many ethical organizations).
5.  Some Astrologers just charge extra to consult your kids and spouse's Charts during your session.
6.  The Astrologer lives by the Natural Planetary Cycles of the Moon. A Moon Calendar is a wonderful way to start your foray into the metaphysical universe. Find out more in the resources.
7.  Do not take what you learn too seriously, Career Astrology can only show possibilities, the future changes each time you change the present.
8.  Ask for references. CareerAstrology is hard work, requiring a profound understanding of mathematics, astronomy and human psychology. In this aspect, some people do not know what they are doing. For a better step, enroll in an online course and become a better informed career astrology consumer.

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