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How to gain attraction of cancer people

How to gain attraction of cancer people and love with lovable moods

Cancer people are individuals born between June 22 and July 22. These people are most emotional, complex and nurturing of all the signs. They are known to be empathetic, loyal and affectionate. These aspects would make the cancerous individual an even more engaging and emotionally intense partner. This guide would help you to surely make the cancer people you have fallen for, to fall for you also. Though as a starting aspect about cancer people, they can be easily reclusive, offended and judgmental. Things to attract attention of cancer are empathy, patience and romantic inclination. The following steps to follow to attract cancer in your life,

Step 1:

Act from dignity;

A cancer people will not like to get involved with anyone who they do not respect. Therefore it is important that you need to cultivate an image of right dignity and respectability. Cancer people are also too fond of things in their life which are regarded as classic and traditional. When you are trying to attract a cancer this would translate into act of seriousness, dressing well and being clean cut. Cancer people are attracted to people with strong goals and plans for future, they feel free to discuss ambitions and career hopes. Though you need to be careful not to act too self aggrandizing. Cancer people can crave honesty while if you are too boastful then they will not take you seriously. Also you must make sure that you stay away from being overtly casual or silly acts, as cancer people would like to keep their relationships more formal especially since they know and trust you.

Step 2:

Tread lightly;
Cancer people can be highly sensitive and fear rejections above all. When you indeed put effort to understand cancer people are always thinking about their interactions with others, they are also overtly aware of anything which could be taken as an insult. One need not joke about anything which makes them take it seriously or about anything they are going through. When you see that the joking is making the situation easier to deal with and work through, the cancer would think that you are in effect making fun of them and problems that they have. Cancer people are more insecure, and you would need to keep this in mind when talking about personal matters through with them. Because of their insecurities cancer people are often feeling excluded or ignored. One needs to make sure that they know how much you care, and that they are a priority in your life. You should also only discuss those matters which are private alone. Cancer people do not take well to public criticism, and may well break down if they are forced into public confrontation. You must know that no matter how careful you might get, you would offend your cancer, Goal is to make sure this does not happen and is as little as possible. To repair the damage quickly by being attentive and understanding must be aim.

Step 3:

Always be empathetic;

A cancer people is moody by nature for which you must be mindful. If you are insensitive to a cancer’s changing moods, or brush away their feelings as though they are fickle, they are bound to feel offended. Instead you must learn to anticipate their moods by better understanding. Once you would know how to gauge their moods, the best way to deal is to mimic their mood. If your cancer is feeling down take to a somber mood out of empathy. Likewise if they are in a happy mood, be light and happy yourself. By going along with their moods, you can easily help them into a more positive mood by gently and slowing changing your own mood. Since cancer people are empathetic, they are likely to respond to gentle changing mood by changing with you. Learning cancer’s moods is also a great thing to do because cancer people often feel they are alone and difficult to understand. Your attempts to understand their moods and feelings would make them feel understood and wanted. This would greatly help to alleviate that trademark cancer insecurity.

Step 4:

Create a sense of security;

Cancer people create security and stability. It is therefore very important to give them this. Do more of this by being strong and steady in your actions. Cancer people are often indecisive, they would feel more comforted when a strong individual givens them the guidance and leadership. However you cannot go overboard, as they would dislike dictator to boss them around. Just a level headed to aid them in practical decision making and help stabilize through their life. Cancer people love a protector so always be strong and caring. You would need to treat them with tenderness and show them that you would always be there for them.

Step 5:

Focus on tradition and the home;

Cancer people are traditional and home oriented by nature. One must also have these values in order to attract them. Related to their love of security and stability is their love for home. They hold family and tradition to be dear. They also love environment to be comforting and cozy. When getting to know a cancer you should try to keep environment safe and low key. For instance going to a coffee shop is probably a better idea than going to a dance club. Better yet you should invite your cancer to house for home cooked meals. The feelings of home and family would be sure to endear your cancer to you. Going along with their fondness on tradition, they would love relationships romance and rituals of courtship. Cancer people are exactly the type of partner who would appreciate candle lit dinners and walks on the beach. While some signs might get turned off from what they see as clichéd romance, then the cancer would throve on it.


If you would follow the steps you should be on your way to win over the cancer. At the very outset you would have a very deep and rewarding experience trying to get to know complex and affectionate cancer. In the end you might decide that Cancer is being too moody and sensitive to pursue, though you would likely come away by being loyal and trustworthy friend.

Tips and Warnings

Never try to have brief fling with cancer, this can be damaging to sensitive cancer

Always be honest. Bragging and lies are turn off for cancer people

Be reliable and strong, cancer love stability

Be serious and sensible, cancer people do not like joking and silliness.

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