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Accurate Future Prediction by Expert Astrologer in India

Astrology is ancient system which studies relationships between astronomical positions of planets and events on earth. Positions of planets at time of person's birth have direct influence on person's character revealing past, present and future. Main aspects of natives horoscope needed for predictions are date, place and exact time of birth. With use of Vedic astrology the astrologer can provide effective remedies and solutions to business, career, romance and family problems.

Expert astrologer in India can study natural and universal status of planets, analyze horoscopes and explain personality traits and impact of planets. Indian astrologer studies the oldest system of astrology practiced in world and which differs from western system. It includes all actual constellations of stars seen in the sky. Using this system one obtains different chart as compared to one used by other astrologers, including natal promises of planets and houses in horoscope. Astrologer can accurately assess the future life path from natal promises as well as dynamic analysis of dasha system and transits.

Dasha systems of predictions consider theoretical longevity of person which is considered to be 120 years divided into 9 main periods of 9 different planets. This is respectively Sun (6 years), Moon (10 years), Mars (7 years), Rahu (18 years), Jupiter (16 years), Saturn (19 years), Mercury (17 years), Ketu (7 years) and Venus (20 years). Each period is further divided into sub periods from same ratio as main periods. Sequence of periods remains same for every native except at starting point determined by exact position of Nakshatra in degrees and minutes in birth chart. This is the birth star where moon is located at time of birth and is unique for every native.

Transits of heavenly bodies are a vital tool which is considered important by astrologer. Planets being constantly moving change their position periodically. Some planets move fast like Sun (1 month), Mercury (28 days), mars (28 days) and Moon (2.5 days). Vedic astrologer can provide a clearer picture in native's life and events when such a transit happens.  Ashtakavarga is another sacred text and method of Indian astrology. This method is used for benefit of native especially in Kalyug. This highly developed system of studying horoscope is based on relation between two planetary placements in native's birth horoscope. Astrologer using this system of studying astrology can decipher the strength of particular transiting planet.

Experienced and expert astrologer can provide details of forecast for native using the twelve zodiac signs, nine planets and twelve houses. Details of birth, distribution of signs and planets in houses is provided in birth chart. An accurate prediction for natives solve issues in finance, career, home, family, health, as well as brings to native control of future, best decision making and direction in life. In the guidance from Indian astrology best nature of predictions can be made so that they have life of prosperity.


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