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Planetary positions and Your profesion

The 10th house Kendra gets more absorbing to native, when any planet gets located in it leading to prominent, influential and a powerful experience for life. Thus, this is an upachaya house which is about attributes growing from time and with more effort. As an individual’s life progresses, this gives great strength in overcoming all the kinds of obstacles. The house is an indicator of person’s true ambition, profession, status, fame, father, recognition, foreign affairs, political power, authority, and much more. Though it becomes important, it also leads to self-determination, self-reliance and patience. Here the house (10th) does not only become the revealing one about holy pilgrimages, but also offers detail for good and charitable deeds, compassion etc.  A father’s reputation is signified from this house. A stronger 10th house gives position of power in career and fame.

Different planets behave and fare quite differently here (10th house) without effecting leadership within the horoscope.
Sun is a great planet which is also a natural malefic. It thrives with other malefic in upachaya house as though by virtue, it does ever better in the 10th house. When Sun is here it gives excellent placement to career with person gaining success in all undertakings. The Sun is a significatory of the 10th house and gets directional strength from here. When a person is in this position he is a career minded leading him to a position of authority in their chosen profession. Fame, popularity and great power come from this position. As Sun would aspect 4th house there are difficulties with the native’s mother though wealth is favored. It gives a rewarding relation with father.
Moon is a neutral planet, it is also benefiting. The location and aspect of the moon produce a calming, soothing effect always. In the 10th house, when moon is present the career questions and struggle is enhanced. If the waxing Moon is in 10th house, person is highly fortunate as the significations of both Moon and 10th house flourish. This person surely enjoys fame and success from a young age. Associations with the mother and females are greatly favored. By the positioning of Moon in a man’s horoscope, one gets to a married life which is enjoyable. Whenever Moon is placed in the career horoscope it is naturally an area of interest and vitality. This position of moon allows the person to get loved profession with sincerity and diligence in efforts. The aspect of a bright moon on 4th house would brighten entire horoscope. With this education, mother, happiness, fixed assets are all favored. The person is kind and warm-hearted.
Mars is the planet which shows natural malefic like Sun and Moon. In the 10th house, it utilizes fiery energy to a good effect. Mars gets directional strength in 10th house often implying this as best placement in the horoscope. Person is a highly efficient with success and achievement all throughout their life. This person would be either ambitious or be a ruler. The planet’s aspect on 4th house would usually indicate both turns in the relations with mother and unrest in domestic households. Though all in all he is at a fine location for Mars, which makes the person a ‘go getter’ in their profession.
Mercury is a natural benefice and in the 10th house the person would have a successful career and a good reputation. A person can earn plenty of wealth. There is deep necessity to consider all aspects and un-aspect conditions when it is in the 10th house. Person could earn even larger amount of wealth.  For the planet mercury in 10th house can indicate great intellect as also career which is connected to communications.  Mercury is then a planet for commerce and trade so the position would mean a successful person in business. While the planet in 4th house shows fine education and also great happiness at home. This person has more fine conveyance as also all comforts and luxuries. He would hold a good relation with mother.
Jupiter is in 10th house the person enjoys a successful career, showing purpose from a young age. He would gain success in professional activities immediately. He shall have honor and fame. A person must choose his or her career which would greatly benefit public. This person is then surely to get attracted to higher knowledge for work. In the 4th house Jupiter would make person happier and content with gaining wealth is easier. Relation which is good with mother is indicated. He or she would also have gains from government jobs or as an authority figure a job necessity could be possible. Jupiter is a great benefice. Even with being the lord of inauspicious houses, the location and the aspect would produce good things, as similar to the unflavored events hidden in Saturn’s blessings.
Venus is a naturally benefice planet like the Moon with many wonderful and powerful attributes. Though energy being beautiful when in 10th house, it makes joy and happiness to the public as well as associates. This is then a most common placement of all successful actors, artists, musicians and performers. This position of Venus planet is also found in horoscopes for people whose intention is to sell jewellery, photography, cosmetics, sweets, fine cars and other luxuries. Such a  person would enjoy great popularity with a natural flare at making wealth. The person is lucky in life and makes many lucky contacts with people through his/ her profession. Such a person is happy and content, as Venus is powerful and prominent in  Kendra, throwing its benefice aspects in 4th house. The person gains great wealth and enjoys fine cars and conveyances. Happy relationship with mother as well as benefits from women is highly indicated by this placement.
Saturn is a natural malefic planet which is greatly feared by many people. When Saturn is in the 10th house, the person would normally possess a great ambition, leadership ability and power. However, when the planet Saturn is in any Kendra it would give major ups and downs in life and therefore, career successes may fluctuate. The benefits of Saturn’s malefic location in the 10th house have its benefits too, still though. Saturn in the 10th house surely gives the tendency of leadership and a highly disciplined approach to one's profession. However, the rest of the horoscope should be analyzed to confirm whether a leadership position is likely or not. Normally, a person's work may be connected with construction, mining, or any career involving manual labor, like steel, coal, etc. Saturn aspecting in the 4th house is not at all good, causing a negative relationship with mother and domestic unrest.
Rahu the malefic planet, when is in the 10th house has the best and finest placements. The person is likely to have a powerful and renowned career. Career will flourish most if the person is connected with the masses. Influencing the masses or selling to the public is the key-note of this location. As Rahu essentially creates ambition, the person has insatiable career ambitions, changing careers many times. If other signatures of the horoscope are harmonious, the person's work and effort are a great benefit to society. This person will easily reach a position of authority. Money enters early in life which may help provide support to parents. Ancient Hindu scriptures have already declared that this person will prefer the company of persons from different religious backgrounds. Also association with unconventional low-class people, especially women, are one of the pit falls.
Ketu is also a malefic and is a profound energy of the unknown. Because malefic in upachaya houses produce good results, Ketu in the 10th gives excellent career success. But generally career is out of the ordinary. The sign placement is also very important as Ketu may cause problems if it is in an inimical sign (i.e., a sign ruled by one of the luminaries or a sign which is unfriendly. In such a case, this person could experience strange difficulties in career. The most common of the troubles caused by Ketu is enmity from unknown and behind-the-scene activities against the person in terms of his/ her career. This can become very troublesome in the career path as well as the person's general success and happiness.
When considering matters related to the 10th house, one must never forget that success relates to the status a person is naturally born with. A very good 10th house in a pauper's horoscope may not mean that he/ she will attain royal status - it indicates a status that is better than that of a pauper. But with malefic or Martian attributes, the person may even turn dictator and overthrow the government. There is some subtle significance that must also be understood before any conclusive results to this house can be attached.
The philosophy of man is a Dharma which is not without significance or connection to karma. It brings the focus to the core whether good or evil. The 9th house is significant for the religious philosophy of a mortal sustains throughout his or her terrestrial journey. And the 10th house astrological suggests the fruition of the 9th house. Dharma must set a certain Karma without which it would be an empty profession, devoid of any significance. It is for this reason that we find planet connections between the 9th, 10th or Ascendant important. The 9th and 10th create Raj jog. They are connections that can turn a pauper into a king or a skeptic into a great guru. When we consider this from a career aspect, it is not only just one or two houses that can be analyzed for a perfect picture. Career is foremost connected with finance, vocation and ultimately, gains and self- satisfaction. If we just consider the 10th house for career, or the 6th house for service, or the 11th house for gains, or the 2nd house for conserved wealth, the analysis remains half-hearted and incomplete.
Acharya Dinesh ji has a natural flair for expressing complex and difficult matters makes her a prolific creator of most of the content on Astrovalley  website, since 2005. he has completed his early schooling from Mathura. Being grown up in an environment of Religion, and spirituality, he has proceeded to complete his Masters in English Literature from Agra University after completing graduation studies in the science stream of the University. In addition, He also holds a Degree of Jyotish Acharya   from  Bharatiya Vidhya Bhawan, Delhi. Given his deep interests in mythology, literature and spirituality, the move to Vedic Astrology was a natural extension. Being an intuitive reader of Natal Charts, he brings a successful blend of career astrology and spiritual skill-sets into all his readings and counseling. He has a large following for the accuracy of her daily, weekly and monthly zodiac predictions arround the glob.

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