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the secret a sacred place, The Secret Sacredness of the Yoga Body

The Secret Sacredness of the Yoga Body

The effectiveness of time spent on the yoga mats has always been the topic for a lot of debates as, while Yoga, for many is a way to keep the mind and body healthy, to others it is an art form meant for a select few. Not just debates, the Yogic postures that have fancy names on the names of animals and ancient birds are also a matter of great curiosity which, if analyzed practically have deep rooted meanings and linkages to ancient traditions.

Indian holy men have always associated Yoga with the awakening of spirituality but the form of Yoga that is practiced in the West is more modernized and is in keeping with the body’s alignment with the Earth’s forces.

Though certain Yogic postures draw their names from ancient Indian languages that have now become extinct, the benefits of Yoga which is as ancient as these languages cannot be negated.

On tracing the history of Yoga few interesting facts have been brought to the for which states that while in ancient India just about 15 Yogic postures were used, in the earlier half of the 20th century a host of other postures were introduced which were not just related to awakening spirituality but were also meant to strengthen the body. These Yogic postures practiced now, as has been studied, include both, Gymnastic techniques that have their origin in Sweden as well as Western military techniques.

Researches and scholars like Mark Singleton who have studied the evolution of Yoga in India have brought some very interesting facts to the fore. These research papers state that Yoga gurus like Tiruka who had a profound influence on the lives of people in colonized India had the strongest role to play in the transformation of Yoga from a simple practice to evoke spirituality to a way of strengthening the mind and body in preparation of combat. This initiative of Tiruka was fuelled by colonized India’s struggle for independence.

While in this age of robotics, people tend to automate everything and get ready made formulas for every other bodily need, it is Yoga that compels people to take a break and breath free. The emphasis that Yoga lays on breathing, resting, meditating and understanding the limits of one’s body helps humans to synchronize with the forces of nature which in turn helps in awakening spirituality.

Yoga is thus a means to condition the mind and body to pause, listen, breath and move in harmony with time and reassert the claim on one’s own body.


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