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Get to know more about the principles and histories associated with astrology

 Astrology deals with the study of heavenly bodies like stars, sun, moon and other planets, their positions and their movements on the human life on everyday basis. The word ‘astrology’ comes from the word ‘arstologia” which is a Latin word. It completely depends upon the study of the planetary motions and its effects on human bodies.
The evolutions of the astrology have been developed in the early centuries of the Babylonians i.e. in the 2nd BC millennium. With the introduction and development of the astrological science in the early Babylonians times it has soon able to spread to all the other parts of the continents including Greece and Middle East. It has then soon merged with the Egyptian astrology and spread its outreach and now in current world every country has beliefs on the forms of astronomy and horoscopes. The mystery of first evolution of the astronomy is still a myth, some says that it was developed in the early in the Egypt and other still guarantee that the evolution of the principles of astronomy took place during the Vedic time in Ancient India. But most evidence strongly projects that the evolutions of Vedic astronomy is the oldest form of astronomy till date.
Vedic astrology defines you with the prediction that stands on beliefs and traditions of the relative positions of the planets and its movements that is affecting the personality traits of humans along with that affecting the other entities of the earth. If you discuss about the ancient form of Vedic astrology then it depends upon the positions of the celestial bodies during the time of birth of the individuals, it is the time when you enter into the cycle of astronomy and its influences and traits on the human bodies and other entity of the earth. The astrologers study the astronomy and calculate the positions of the celestial bodies till date from your birth time and can predict that what will be the influence of the bodies on the humans. It is the 9 planets and the 12 zodiac signs and houses on which your complete future depends on according to the astronomical studies. The people are victims under the fate of destiny which is well calculated with the help of the positions of the celestial bodies with respect to your birth place and time. While in the modern world the astrologers help you in providing you with the information related to your horoscope based on the calculation and sources of the early Vedic astronomy.
In general there are four possible classifications of horoscopes astrology and each satisfying its own purpose and these subsystems can be further again breakdown into some other subsystems and these techniques and applications are purely based on the astronomy’s principles. The astronomy studies will help you in the best possible way in knowing the positive and negative impacts of the stars on your future so make use of these studies and try to rectify the problems that are associated with your faulty stars with the effective remedies provided by the astrologers.

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