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Vedic Astrology

The Mystic Science That Governs The Universe

This article focuses on all the important principles of Vedic Astrology as passed on to us in legacy by the ancient Vedic Astrologers. By reading this article aspirants of the magical science of Astrology will not only become familiar with the treasures hidden in the classical texts, but they will also learn those principles in the light of their own chart (or any chart they wish to use). This article is written in easy to read language, while preserving the essence of the classical Vedic Astrology texts.

All glory to my divine Sai Baba for giving me this precious knowledge and heart felt gratitude to my teacher Shri Dinesh Sharma Sir.

Since time immemorial man has always endeavored to solve the complexities of nature. The relationship between Mother Nature and Humans has been very close. Each step towards progress that has helped the human race in evolving towards betterment has its roots in knowing the ‘unknown power’ that governs all life forms and objects. The primitive man without a choice surrendered before nature. He not only worshipped the zodiac and planets but he also gave them place as Gods and Goddesses in the ancient Vedic texts. As we all know that change is the only thing that is permanent, with the advent of civilizations gradually his curiosity to know more about the interrelation of nature and its mysteries augmented manifolds.

 It was observed by him that the objects in space are dynamic in certain time intervals and that they had an impact on all activities under them. To probe into the matter at a greater level he developed fields like mathematics; geography and astronomy. Soon he was able to understand that every worldly activity Viz-a-viz nature had some relation with one another. Researchers of yore were able to sense that the planetary movements are not just simple revolution or rotation of planets and stars but they also had other aspects to them which equally affected lives individually and collectively.

As a result Astrology’ was born. It was called ‘Jyotish’ in Sanskrit which means light. Being an important part of the six ‘Vedangas’, it is considered to be the ‘Eye of the Vedas’. 

 For example:

Let’s take case 1; if a person is asked to walk in a dark room will he be able to walk freely? Will he be able to judge where the furniture is kept or other objects are kept? Will he walk without hurting himself or will he walk without bumping into things? I am sure your answer is a ‘no’. So a person’s life is just like that dark room and life’s struggles and circumstances are those objects in that room.

 Now lets take case 2; suppose there is light in that room now and every object is distinctly visible. Can the person now walk confidently? Yes because now he knows where the table is lying where the chair is. Likewise, the role of ‘Jyotish’ is like that source of light that helps the native in understanding his strengths and focusing upon his weaknesses.  It also gives him the choice to bridge the gap between his free will and predestination to a certain degree. We may not have the best of cards always but yes we can always choose the way we play our hand.


The mystic science of Astrology was able to explain many a questions that seemed almost impossible to be answered at all. It was then deduced that changes in climate, seasons and months also occur because of the movement of the celestial bodies such as planets and stars.

 Basically it is the study of planets and the zodiac (Grahas and Nakshatras) which acts as a medium to measure the various dimensions pertaining to distance, differences and relations between planets and how it impacts the surrounding environment and beings.

 We all know that each planet has a magnetic field and attraction with virtue of which it attracts other bodies towards it. However it is a part of advance Astrology which will be covered in later part of this book.

 Astrology further elucidate the impact of cosmic radiations from each planet and star in the celestial globe on humans. The position and nature of the planets forms the basis to overall life map of the natives.

 Stay tuned while we endeavor to reveal more and more secrets of this wonderful and divine science.

Prayers for you all!



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