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Indian Vedic astrology the pioneer to spirituality

Career Astrology is an art or a scientific study of predicting the future. It has been practicing in the ancient India land from the Vedic period and this period is considered to be the oldest period of evolution of mankind. career Astrology deals with predicting future and it is based on the time and place where the people have taken birth. It is the belief of all the astrologers that it is the karma or in simple words the action that defines your current status of the life, whatever actions you have performed in past will pave the path to future life and all your good and bad deeds are given the right justice after the end of the human life or after re-birth.
Vedic astrology provides emphasizes in understanding the basic concepts of life of the people and provide them with the all possible answers related to their future so that they will able to lead a happy and easier life but the modern scientists do not support these astrologers as they belief on experimentation and inference but Vedic science could not provide them with the proof that they predict the future of the person perfectly, whatever is going to happen will surely happen no one can restrict it from happening by predicting future. But with so many protest people still have beliefs in indian Vedic astrology and it is prevalent in most parts of the world where people shows interest in knowing the future and work according to it. It is the belief which helps the people to make the unreal fact real. No one can give the proper explanation of existence of god but still people believe it and in the same manner people trust Vedic astrology too.
Astrologers are the scholars who have the knowledge on the position and the movements of the planets and with the study of Vedic science they can predict about the possibilities that are reflected by your stars but it completely depends upon your action/karma that will decide your fate of life. It is the rule of 9 planets position and 12 zodiac signs and houses which dominates your life and with the change in the positions of the stars your life will be affected accordingly.
But with the belief of the people on this career astrology, it has turned out to be a business. Now the astrologers make a good income out of predicting future but how many of them have knowledge and understanding of the indian Vedic career astrology is still a doubt. With the false prediction that are made by the fake astrologers it is affecting the life of people badly so nowadays most of the people even started showing not much interest in the career astrology and horoscopes.
You will be benefited in your life when you find true astrologers who have a skilled knowledge on the area of indian Vedic career astrology literature and the ground fact will not change that the Vedic career astrology is not prevalent only in India but it has been famous throughout the world. 

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