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Career Horoscope And Your Planets

Career Horoscope And Your Planets

According to Indian Astrology the most important planet that plays considerable role in career and profession is Saturn. Saturn is one of the strongest planets that give difficulties as well as trouble in life. If the planet positioned unpleasantly, the result can be horrendous.
Saturn does not deny, it causes delays and hurdles
Saturn is said to be a great guide. The hurdles and difficulties make people to understand the mistakes they made in the past or for some bad karma they are bearing these difficulties. Delaying things give a person little more time to think and decide what to do and what not to. As a whole Saturn allows one to learn from his mistakes. The adverse situation forces one to point out the wrong ways he is going on. Even though Saturn creates the difficulties he also has the power to give everything back if the person is honest.
Role of the 10th House in career horoscope
As the 10th house of horoscope shows and analyses the professional life, jobs and career prospect of a person, in this connection Saturn has special bonding with the 10th house. The placement of Saturn and his aspects in the 10th house through 4th house or Ascendant makes difficult for a person to get a job at the first place even when he is having high qualifications and perfect ability to get a job. But as the native starts winning the hurdles one by one Saturn showers his blessings and the native can get all the success and achievements in his career.The placement of Saturn in the 8th house indicates more hurdles and adverse situations in life and person leading the life has to face more difficulties in this regard. The difficulties can arrive in settling down the life. In this association, the placement of lord of 10th should also be considered. The placement of the lord affects the career of a person. If he placed in a beneficial house with good planets, it can bring the best things in one’s career while if he placed with negative and weak planets it can bring more and more difficulties in life. 10th lord in the houses like 6th, 8th or 12th lowers the chances of promotions and career appreciations. Similarly 6th, 8th and 12th lords in 10th house show negative effects on jobs and career.
Saturn in 8th house is significantly worst for the job as people can face humiliation, trouble and insult from the professional colleagues and seniors.
10th house plays an important role in the career astrology
Rising 10th lord can show self employment
  • 10th lord when placed in 2nd house indicates the careers like teaching, accountants, banking etc.
  • When in 3rd house the 10th lord denotes the profession related to communication, publishing, computer knowledge etc.
  • 10th lord in 4th house ensures real estate business, agriculture and anything that is connected to earth and property.
  • Investments and stock markets are the indications of 10th lord placed in 5th house. Military sector, advocates, lawyers are the suitable career when 10th lord is placed in 6th house.
  • 7th house ensures partnership. A native can get much more profit in partnership firm.
  • 8th house shows profession that is associated with research or occult science. 10th lord in the 9th house signifies pilgrimage, tour agents, lecturers and professors etc.
  • 10th house ensures government jobs or in management field. 11th house shows the area of trading and finance.
  • 12th house shows foreign business like import export or medical professionals.
Career astrology: Tips to improve career and professional life
10th house lord should be strongest to achieve the success in profession or business. Especially people who work in employment sector need the blessing of Saturn to get promotions and even to maintain the jobs etc.
Ascendant lord should not be ignored as he has most important role in earning success in every aspect of life including career.
Those who are pursuing career like law, politics, and educational institute should make stronger Jupiter to achieve success in life. In the office one can hang scenery having hills or mountains on the back side of the native’s chair. It can be seat or the profession, in either case it should not be under the beam.
Wall should be on the back side of the seat. Person should have an open space in front of him and have walls on the back. It gives ample energy which gives positivity to career and professional life.

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