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Ketu, otherwise known as South Node, can be referred as the past lifes Karma where a person has favoured his own interests by neglecting others. This pays for their good and bad deeds from the past life. Ketu, on the brighter side, can help the people to become an expert with the mystical and murky objects. On the negative side, Ketu enables people to be more observant, discharged and also creates true psychic sensitive situation. Below is a unique nama or mantra for this Planetary deity which describes the power and energies vested with him.You can use this mantra to get the blessings from this God Ketu.

"Om Hum Kem Ketave Namah"


In the above mantra, the word Hum represents the Havana Shakti, which is the power of surrendering, transforming and donating.In addition to the above mantra; there are two mantras which are believed to be very auspicious for this Planet God. Out these two mantras, you can choose and recite the mantra which you find easy to memorise.

"Om sraam sreem sraum sah ketave namah

"Om kem ketve namah"

These mantras are recited with the string of 108 jepa beads which reminds of the rosaries. All these Ketu�s mantras need to be recited 18000 times along with a puja, within the ascending Moon cycle. While performing the puja, you need to keep sandal wood and mixed flowers. The recitation can be started on a bright half moon Tuesday.�By placing the �Maha-Mrityunjaya yantra� in the recitation place, you can get the desired wishes earlier.�Gayatri Mantra for Ketu:

"Om Chitravarnaya vidhmahe, sarparoopaya dhimahi, tanno Ketu Prachodayat"

The above Gayatri mantra comprises of three parts. The first part is the Chants to the planet Ketu. The second part is the actual mantra to the planetary deity and the final part is the sum up of the powers and abilities of the mantra.This mantra has to be recited at three different intervals in a day; at sunrise, at noon and at sunset.At sunrise, this is called as Gayatri, the young form, who is also the wife of Lord Brahma. At noon, it is referred to as Savitri, the matured form, also the consort of Lord Shiva. In the sunset, it is called as Sarasvati, the consort of Lord Vishnu.You can also choose to recite this belo ancient Ketu mantra (17000 times)

"Palasa-puspa-sankasam taraka-graha-mastakam raudram raudratmakam ghoram tam ketum pranamamy aham"

The English translation for the above mantra is as follows; �I submit my curtsy to the terrifying God Ketu, who is gifted with the Lord Shiva�s powers. His skin texture is akin to the palasa plant�s flower and he is the controller of all the stars and planets� To get the optimum benefits from the above mantras, you need to recite them with good spiritual soul and clear mind. A touch of devotion and sincerity during the recitation of mantras can help you in fulfilling your wishes and dreams. So make sure you chant the mantras with pure spiritual spirit.

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