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Ketu in capricorn

Career Astrology : Ketu in capricorn denotes an evil position which brings sorrow and the situation becomes difficult to overcome. It reflects signs of disappointment in love and is subjected to continuous changes. The natives face problems in enjoying life which spoils a cheerful atmosphere. This period is not favourable for people to come in contact with natives of such combination. Ketu in capricorn shows a desire of power to dominate others and possess qualities involving selfish motives. He must learn the manner in which he should apologize in a sincere way when he is found to be wrong and is held responsible for it. 

Astrology prediction from Ketu in Capricorn 
Placement of Ketu in Capricorn sign brings planet to quiet unpleased appearance on account of Ketu a natural enemy of ruling planet Saturn. Ketu does not possess much potency and dominance though it reflects some negativity on the Capricorn portrait. Natives of the combination of Ketu in Capricorn are stronger in mind and reserved in attitude. They lead a detached persona for being much practical in approach to life. 

Natives of this platter pursue a dissatisfied life path along side fluctuations in life. Influence of Ketu in Capricorn turns them quiet self centered and inclines to materialistic life. Natives of this position of planets could also turn callous and deceitful at times if needed. These people could be seen as leaders on land. 

Ketu in Capricorn requests individuals neglects his passionate coolness and framework demeanor to create appreciation and empathy to others. All the negative parts of Capricorn are to be stayed away from to pick up any culminations in life. Due to the position of Ketu in 1st house individuals might have variance of wellbeing. Diverse issues might happen at distinctive times. He would have a unique enthusiasm for general population of inverse gender orientation. He may have issues as a result of his foes. 

Natives might utilize improper systems to get regard in general public which may at last prompt disrespect. A part of Ketu in 7th house reasons strife with life accomplice and diminishes backing from companion. Individuals with Ketu in Capricorn are in light of planet Saturn nature. 

If Ketu is useful presently, then there are sufficient open doors for persons as they are extremely fortunate. They are also much worried for themselves. It is seen that individuals who have Ketu in Capricorn face passing of fathers at a very early stage in life time. Presently if individuals pardon their siblings for slip-ups, then they risk their local which is possible on advancement later. 

Rahu makes the natives driven. Amidst the whole stay of Rahu in Capricorn and Ketu in Cancer this planetary impact brings about anxiety in matters of business endeavors, enthusiastic bliss, conjugal issues and remote habitations of natal planets which are powerless. Achievement of tentative arrangements may get deferred. Youngsters are likely to be unable to make decent evaluations. Theoretical speculations might bring about unforeseen mishaps. The period would be uniquely distressing for individuals who experience renal issue.


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