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Home Career Astrology : Ketu In 9th House

Career Astrology : Ketu in 9th house

Career Astrology9th house fits in with Jupiter, which favors Ketu. Ketu in 9th house is recognized to be lifted up. Such a local is devoted and lucky. It expands ones fortune. There will be advancement yet no exchange. Assuming that one keeps gold block in his house then riches comes. The child of such a local has the capacity to surmise what's to come. One uses a huge part of his existence in remote land. One has no less than three children and if second house is favorable then Ketu gives phenomenal outcomes. In the event that Moon is promising then the local helps his mother's gang. Provided that Ketu in 9th house is malefic then the local experiences urinary issues, torment in back, and issue in legs. The local's children continue ceasing to exist. 

Astrology of Ketu in 9th house 
Ketu is well known for malefic presence though it could also appear somewhat positive at times. This is so as 9th house has ketu which becomes exalted for which the natives has positive influences in life. There are many difficulties which are surely there for Ketu being a malefic presence. 

Presence of Ketu in 9th house keeps it surrounded by positive energy for being in pleasant relation with ruler of 9th house or Jupiter. For similar reasons Ketu in 9th house emerges high with most of pleasing results for natives and reductions to negative shade. This brings about a good life and goodness in life to natives. 

Natives of the placement of Ketu in 9th house receive great fortune through the position and bestowed with good affluence and success. This would come through hard work and efforts. Though they are sincere and obedient persons attaining great achievements on land, they also get good social and professional position of respect. Natives of this placement attain high affluence if they keep a gold brick within their house. 

Natives of Ketu in 9th house are blessed to have son capable of predicting future while the parent native can have three sons in life. These people spend most time of life in foreign land for various reasons. Positive placement in 2nd house further enhances positive brilliance of Ketu. The auspicious placement of Moon keeps person devoted to mother and her family while malefic placing of Ketu in 9th house brings urinary problems, leg and backache problems. This would subsequently bring deaths to sons. 

The natives of this placement ketu in 9th house need to pursue some remedies for the adverse impacts. They should keep a dog at home which would be really beneficial for the native. He should establish a rectangular piece of gold somewhere in the house and should wear gold in the ear. They should always pay respect and services to their father-in-law. In spite of the fact that ketu is viewed as a malefic planet, yet its vicinity in 9th house can be viewed as positive. This is so as 9th house indicates Sagittarius sign whose master Jupiter oversees this house. 

9th house is likewise considered good for religion and religion venture. Natives get adequate chance to visit religious spots. They will be fortunate with high values towards life and will have a sound monetary position. Natives will be dedicated and will attempt to gain abundance which could call their own endeavors. They might likewise need to face regular changes in employment or calling. They would possess regards towards father and other elderly individuals. 

1. Keep a dog. 
2. Create a rectangular section of gold somewhere in the house. 
3. Put on gold in the ear. 
4. Revere elders, particularly father-in-law.

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