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Career Astrology : Ketu in 8th house

Career Astrology8th house fits in with Mars, which is an adversary of Ketu. Comparable impact is there when Moon is in second house. In the event that Ketu in 8th house is malefic then the local's wife has sick health. Child won't be conceived, or might perish. The local may experience the ill effects of diabetes or urinary issue. Provided that Saturn or Mars are in seventh then the local is unlucky. In the event of malefic Ketu in 8th house the local's character confirms the strength of his wife. 

Astrology of Ketu in 8th house 
Ketu is a shadow planet which is a well perceived malefic though it might look benefic to some. His planet bestows many difficulties and hurdles to a person. Arrival of Ketu in 8th house provides blend of positive and negative impacts on natives. Presence of Ketu in 8th house definitely brings hurdles making life difficult for native. Though Ketu is placed in a benefic house this brings a son after 34 years of age to native, after marriage of any girl in family like sister or daughter. Besides absence of planet Jupiter and Mars from 6th and 12th house reduces adverse impacts of Ketu while placement of Moon in 2nd house brings pleasant impacts. 

The malefic placement of Ketu in 8th house brings some adverse impact to native’s wife as she suffers from bad health. This does not let natives have son or if they have then son would not live long enough. Natives does suffer from diabetes and urinary problems. Placing of Saturn or Mars in 7th house brings some more misfortune and there is more effect to family life of natives after 26 years of age. Natives of Ketu in 8th house keep a dog at home and nurture for reduction of malefic effects. They should donate black and white blanket in sacred and worshipping place while adoring Lord Ganesha with true devotion. 

Natives of placement of Ketu in 8th house should wear gold in ear and put a saffron tilak over head to reduce misfortune and to stay safe. 8th house is viewed as awful house in soothsaying. Arranging of Ketu in 8th house by and large gives negative results, unless there is some benefic planet on Ketu. Ketu acquires obstacles to life of natives. He may confront issues in income and money related matters. They are inclined to mishaps and wounds. A harassed Ketu can likewise imperil the life of a man. 

With Ketu possessing the 8th house during childbirth, the natives will experience ill effects of division from near and dear ones. He will be unruly and brief. He will get harm from some weapon and will be unsuccessful in every one of his endeavors. This arrangement gives solid issues. Natives may endure physical and mental wounds when even environment is not beneficial for his or her prosperity. Because of sickness, the natives will be fractious and get removed from friends and family. Be that as it may, when put emphatically it gives immense riches to the natives. 

1. A dog should always be kept in nearby. 
2. White and black blanket should be offered in shrines. 
3. Lord Ganesha should be worshipped always. 
4. If you want to wear the gold then wears it but it should be in the ear. 
5. Make use of saffron as tilak.

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