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Career Astrology : Ketu in 10th house

Career Astrology10th house fits in with Saturn. The impact of Ketu here hinges on the way of Saturn. In the event that ketu is benefic here then the local is lucky, worried about himself and pioneer. His father expires early. Provided that Saturn is in sixth then one is a celebrated around the world player. Assuming that one continues forgetting his siblings for their wrongdoings the local will proceed with advancing. In the event that the character of local is exceptional then he gains a ton of riches. Provided that Ketu in 10th house is malefic then one experiences urinary and ear issues. The local has torment in bones. The provincial life is full of stresses and vexed if Saturn is in fourth house. Three children might pass on. 

Horoscope of Ketu in 10th house 
Shadow planet Ketu is famous for well perceived malefic placement in astrological arena. This is having either a positive or negative impact depending on other planetary position in horoscope. The results of Ketu in 10th house highly depend on position of planet Saturn in birth chart. Positive placement of Saturn in horoscope chart keeps Ketu in 10th house in pleasing appearance and which blesses person with great fortune in their lifetime. Natives of this placement carry a serious approach to life and are very concerned about themselves. They would bestow good opportunities in life though their father would have a quiet short life span.

Natives of placement carry serious approach of life while being concerned of themselves. They are bestowed with good opportunities in life and their father would have a short life span. Placement of Saturn in the 6th house leads the natives towards great achievements in sports arena. The natives born with a positively placed Ketu in 10th house would be generous in attitude. They would be truly benefited if they would keep their character true and pure. 

Natives always forgive brothers for misdeeds. This keeps them growing throughout. A malefic presence of Ketu in 10th house brings difficult and harsh path in life. This is true of finance and career aspects. They will confront health problems associated with urinary system & ear and would face body aches. There will be high stress with lack of peace in the professional as well as personal life of these natives. The native’s three sons could die. 

Natives of placement of Ketu in 10th house should stay away from adultery and immoral deeds. They should keep dog at home especially after 48 years of age. They should also keep silver pot filled with honey within the house. Properly following these remedies associated with Moon and Jupiter reduce negative impacts. Impact of Ketu in 10th house relies on position and force of Saturn in the natal diagram of a natives.  In the event that the position of Saturn is solid in the diagram, the tenth house ketu would give big positive results. 

Natives are bound to be fortunate, egotistical and be able to open doors extraordinarily. They would get ideal results in life just after passing a young age. He will likewise be mainstream personality with liberal identity. However this position is not viewed as good for father of the natives, as he may not be enduring. He may lose his dad at an early age.  In the event that the position of ketu in 10th house is a malefic the natives needs to lead an intense life. He needs to battle hard for his work. Vocation and calling life will likewise not be promising. There will be no true serenity and life will be brimming with anxiety at every progression on some record.  To lead life easily, the natives ought to avoid untrustworthiness and indecent acts. 


1. Keep silver jar jam-packed of honey in the home 
2. Keep a dog, particularly after 48 years of age
3. Avoid betrayal 
4. Make use of the remedies of Jupiter and moon

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