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Ketu in 6th house

Career Astrology6th house fits in with Mercury. Ketu in sixth house is recognized weakened. Here again the impact of Ketu relies on the way of Jupiter. It gives great effect in regards to child. The local is an exceptional consultant. Provided that Ketu is malefic in sixth house then maternal uncle endures. The local needs to endure because of futile ventures. Individuals transform into adversaries without any excuse for why. The local experiences skin illnesses. Assuming that Moon is in second house then mother endures and even the local's old age is harried. 

Ketu in 6th house predictions 
Shadow planet Ketu in 6th house is perceived to malefic presences though other placements make it appear benefic while it gets really impacted with Jupiter. It would bring positive results and goodness to a native’s life. Pleasing placement of Jupiter brings long path to life of persons with Ketu in 6th house leading a peaceful and blissful life. Mother of native receives goodness in life while placement of any two from Sun, Jupiter and Mars are positively placed, then it further enhances the pleasing impact of this placement. Malefic placement of Ketu in 6th house brings some problems to maternal uncle and makes person wander without reason and travel without benefits. Natives would have many enemies and foes as people do not carry much malice and ill feelings for native which would be without any particular reason. 

Native of malefic placement of Ketu in 6th house confronts skin problems. Placement of Moon in 2nd house brings sufferings for mother and native to difficult and harsh path of old age. Natives wear a gold ring in left hand for reducing negative impacts. Natives should keep a dog as pet at home and nurture him for attaining good results. Natives should drink milk with saffron and wear gold in ear, heat a rod of gold and dip the same in milk. Drinking the same milk brings betterment in native’s life. These remedies bring peace and harmony in native’s lives. 

Ketu in 6th house for the most part would present great results. The natives will be prosperous, acquiring name and distinction in his life from use of own diligent work. He has a decided constitution with which they make own way to get achievement. They live joyfully which is additionally enduring. He is viewed as an acclaimed figure in the general public. One intriguing point has been noted. Such natives have a minding and cherishing mother. Despite the fact that individuals around him may feel sick of him, however he generally gets simple triumph over their adversaries. At the point when Ketu in 6th house, 

Rahu will be naturally in 12th house. This position makes chances for such natives to settle abroad to carry on with a cheerful and agreeable life. In the event that Ketu involves the 6th house during childbirth, the natives will be charitable, brimming with best qualities and prestigious, vested with high power. Ketu is thought to be useful for wellbeing when set in 6th house according to Vedic crystal gazing. The natives will have a fruitful vocation when the planet Ketu is in 6th house. 

1. In left hand fingers wear gold. 
2. Decorate your ear by wearing gold in that and drink milk. 
3. A rod made up of gold should be heated up and should be dipped in milk. Then gulp it. It will re-establish mental peace, add to longevity and is first-class for sons. 4. A dog should be kept if possible.

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