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Home Career Astrology : Ketu In 12th House

Career Astrology : Ketu in 12th house

Career AstrologyHere Ketu is acknowledged to be lifted up. The local is affluent, accomplishes an enormous position and uses on acts of kindness. Assuming that Rahu is in sixth house, as well as Mercury, then the impact is far better. One has all the profits and extravagances of life. In the event that Ketu in twelfth house is malefic then one purchase arrives from an issueless individual and the local gets issueless himself. Assuming that one executes puppies Ketu gives malefic effects. 

Astrology of Ketu in 12th house 
Shadow planet Ketu is a malefic planet in celestial arena providing harshness and difficulties to native. As Ketu is in an exalted state here natives would be blessed with strong wealth and achievements in life. Natives of placement of Ketu in 12th house walk through hurdles but get paid for hard work and endeavor as this takes them to admirable heights of profession and finances. These people make best use of intellect and time. Placement of Rahu and Mercury in 6th house with this placement brings more pleasant impacts to native’s life. Natives would possess comfort and luxuries of life leading satisfying and happy life. Malefic placement of Ketu in 12th house makes losses to person and worthless expenditure. 

Natives with Ketu in 12th house need never slay or harm dogs as this brings malefic impact on them. Besides placement of Moon, Venus or Mars in 2nd house further enhances malefic impacts of placement. They should start with worshipping Lord Ganesha staying on moral and true path for life. While they keep a dog in house they must also keep saunf and khand under pillow during nighttime. 

Ketu in 12th house is not viewed as great and native would need to get legitimate entanglements with loss of cash. In many instances ketu leaves a malefic consequence to the house in which native is placed. On an off chance, Jupiter might be solid giving consequences of Ketu in 12th house to become certain. There would be solace and effectiveness. This demonstrates inclination of native towards mysterious and mystery science. Such a man is mostly flawless in inwards discemment with one of a kind force of instinct. When Ketu in 12th house is powerless, the native would need to make a useless trip. Possibilities native would confront include lawful intricacies at court or even detainment. This malefic arrangement of ketu may compel the native to cause substantial uses in such cases. 

The native is rich, accomplishes a major position and spends on benevolent acts. If chance is that Rahu is in sixth house, alongside Mercury, then the impact is far better. One has every one of the advantages and extravagances of life. On the off chance that Ketu in 12th house is malefic, then native would purchase land from an issueless individual and the native gets to be issueless himself. 

At the point when Ketu involves the 12th house during childbirth, the native will submit wicked acts subtly. He will waste away all his cash for undesirable purposes. He will demolish his riches and take to prohibited behavior. He will experience the ill effects of maladies of the eyes. 


1. Lord Ganesha should be worshipped 
2.avoid loose character, be a person of good character. 
3. Keep a dog with you always. 
4. Before going to bed put saunf and khand under the pillow 
General rule is that a planet in the 12th house does not give auspicious results. Venus is an exception to this rule. It is said that Venus in the 12th house gives affluence. Bhavartha Ratnakar says that a planet in the 12th house may.

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