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Ketu in virgo

Career Astrology : Ketu in virgo brings results of mixed effects upon the natives. Such natives are more practical in life.ketu in virgo believes in hard work and do not leave time for relaxation. The natives of this combination proves himself as a good adviser. Such individuals  have longevity and spend their life peacefully. Such natives may develop great enemies without any reason. They have to undergo rigorous travelling which make their life hectic. Wearing golden ring in the left hand finger is proved to be beneficial for natives of this combination. It bestows spiritual tendencies on the natives of this category.

Predictions of Ketu in Virgo
Placement of Ketu in Virgo brings shadow planet in general façade with nominal domination over Virgo due to neutral relationship with Mercury as ruling planet here. This brings mixed effects on natives of combination. 

Natives of Ketu in Virgo combination are more practical of approach and logical till extent of not acceptance by others. They believe in conventions though would not stay in conventional confinements. The planetary position of Ketu in Virgo further enhances philosophical and spiritual blend in natives when these people of intense details till depth of everything around. They are more skillful in expressing and carry a stronger eloquence. 

In their past lives these individuals were exceptionally systematic and definite arranged to state of compelling. They spent past life in numerous separating conditions and impulses which by no means draw near to him. Perseverance in exam related work, ingenuity and productivity with yearning for minutest exactness checks impact of this lifetime. Choices may not be consistent at first glance though they could not care less in this regard. Managing individuals and feelings are vital for him as they love trading of sentiments in material world to keep them cheerful. 

Ketu in 1st house makes individuals egotistical. Due to impact the natives will have absence of pride. They make progress in field of secret activities. They might also experience ill effects of spinal pain and gastric issues. The presence of Ketu in 7th house would give ominous results. There could be well being issues for life accomplice. If 7th house is not in conjunction with benefic planet then there are potential outcomes for additional conjugal undertakings throughout life. 

The travel of Ketu in 7th house is negative particularly for natives and local matters as anticipated by horoscope 2015. Possibilities of issues in conjugal life are prone to occur. IN the event that 7th house is bad in introducing world graph, then careful consideration must be given to wedded life. As per Ketu travel in Pisces astrology, if Lagna is under the impact of malefic planets, relations will create with wrong individuals of inverse gender orientation. Potential outcomes of character death will likewise arrive. 

They may get duped in business therefore the horoscope proposes staying on caution. On the off chance that in your introduction to the world graph, Ketu is set in Scorpio, Cancer, or Leo, and aspected by Saturn, or Mars, then abstain from diving in deep water or secluded spots.


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