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Ketu in leo

Career Astrology : Ketu in leo reflects much of negative impact on the natives. The presence of ketu in leo creates aggressiveness, self centred and egoistic. They are highly inclined towards the materialistic part of life. Leo natives face a lot of fluctuations in the journey of life. As ketu is the natural enemy of the ruling planet sun of leo arena,therefore it brings disastrous results on leo natives. Each individual should have the potential to move in an unidirectional path according to its plan to reach success. He should not be carried away by others opinion. A friendly approach is highly desirable to acquire a stable position in the world. 

Astrology predictions of Ketu in Leo 
Ketu in Leo zodiac brings this shadow planet in discontented façade. Ketu reflects negative impacts on natives as it is a natural enemy of ruling Sun of Leo arena. Ketu’s presence in Leo enhances aggressiveness of Leo people making them hastier with instability in mind. These people seek high grounds in dominating place amongst others to extent of ignoring which makes them look self centered and egoistic in approach. 

People of Ketu in Leo are deceitful and wicked as well as have political attitude with a high inclination to materialistic life. On other hand they are highly potent persons with high mount on land with much fluctuation in life path. Ketu in Leo is believed to be conceited in past life and has no time for others. They have high status and incredible admiration for forces in general public. They need to figure out how to be humanly; to blend and take care of these issues. They can disregard routine if meddled with social desire. 

Their advancements and capacities to handle circumstance is stunning. Experiencing issues they also fathom unusualness. After exhaustive investigation every last potential of individual is coordinated to arrangement. They have a well disposed way to deal with world while keeping their distinction. Inner self anti-extremism and / or weakness should be spurned for advancement purposes. 

Leo planet is the indicator of Sun and Ketu which has an ill will with Sun, together then it is a reason why Ketu does not give great results when in Leo ascendant. In the event that Ketu is set with Ascendant then well being issues likely happen. There could be vacillations in well being amidst dasha time of Ketu. Individual might not need much friendship for folks. They might have mental issues. Clashes might happen with a life accomplice and they might build up physical or mental issues. 

Ketu is set in the 8th house, which is an unfavorable component according to Ketu travel horoscope in 2015. This would not be right to say that neither of conditions is favorable. For lions or Leos who have “kaal sarp dosha”, from this house in horoscope and alongside if Rahu arrives in the eighth house, in the meantime this will be an exceptionally urgent time. Because of this unfavorable time, you are prone to get hurt from flame, power, poison, mischance, and so forth.


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