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Ketu in scorpio

Career Astrology :  Ketu in scorpio brings pleasant result as ketu shares a friendly relation with Mars which is the ruling planet of Scorpio. Such natives possess a strong mind and have a harsh personality. People of this category are inclined towards the materialistic world and reach great heights with fluctuations in the journey of life. Natives of this combination have a dissatisfaction from life and cannot forgive people easily. They have a sharp mind and are capable to hide the truth from people. Ketu has the maximum power which reflects on the scorpio natives. Ketu is exalted if it is in scorpio and occupies a strongest position.

Astrology predictions from Ketu in Scorpio
Placement of Ketu in Scorpio zodiac brings the shadow planet in pleasing appearance on account of a friendly relation with ruling planet Mars of Scorpio. Ketu gets exalted in Scorpio platter with maximum exaltation at 20 degrees with much of dominance and potency. Presence of Ketu in Scorpio reduces inner sensitivity of natives besides which it would make them aggressive and have a strong persona.

Individuals with Ketu in Scorpio have strong mind and carry a harsh personality. These people are quiet inclined to materialistic life and are seen at good heights with fluctuations in life path. Natives of combination of Ketu in Scorpio are sharp minded and skilled in hiding their true self inside. They do not forgive easy and turn malicious and callous at times for which they get involved in witchcraft. They always carry dissatisfaction from life.

Ketu in Scorpio individuals in past life were occupied with numerous underworld exercises. With a twisted sexual life and abuse of force they had a way to life. Hence he must have experienced a few disciplines before the present conception happened. In this life time, they have a feeling of authority and majority rule perspective of human need. They have a journey to holy place and blessed places which are increment in philosophical information. They keep attempts at best to live pleasantly and easily so as to battle to at any rate keeping up their karmic status.  At the point when Ketu is in ascendant, the native’s introduction to world graph would be physically fit and solid. They would get regard and honor in general public with love and backing from maternal side.

Individuals with Ketu in Scorpio do not get influenced from malefic results. Presently if Ketu is in 8th planetary position in house then the native’s wife wellbeing is influenced. There could be issue of conveying of child or the child can kick bucket soon after conception.

Natives can likewise get influenced from issues of urinary or diabetes. Be that as it may, there are cures by which one could get free from these issues, for example, one can have a canine in their home, one can likewise give a white and dark cover and so forth.

When Ketu perspectives the 5th, 7th and 9th house, the natives would have a decent monetary status. To his youngsters and life partner they may need to endure a great deal. Ketu if set positive in horoscope would bring a considerable measure of extravagance intelligence and instinct to these individuals. On the off chance that there is unfavorable then this causes pointless sorrow, poor focus, endless stresses, uneasiness and apparition related issues. Here are the general expectations of Ketu in diverse places of a diagram. However, the genuine picture can be determined strictly when taking a gander at other planetary positions.


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