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Ketu in ist house

Career AstrologyAssuming that Ketu is favorable or benefic in this house, the local will be arduous, rich and joyful; however will dependably be concerned and pained on account of his offspring. He might fear regular exchanges or ventures, yet eventually it might dependably be deferred. There might likewise be a long venture. The local with Ketu in 1st house will dependably be helpful for his father or master and reasons commendation of Sun. 

Officious Ketu in 1st house 
Astrological arena has aplenty details of Ketu in ascendant being both pleasant and adverse impact on native’s life. This includes positive and negative effects with most explicit expression of difficulties in life. The natives having Ketu in 1st house gets good heights in the professional arena and would attain the best affluence. They would require to work very hard and would need to put much endeavor. This is so as there would be much impediments in their path throughout the life of the natives. The natives with ketu in 1st  house would lead growth in life. Though life path has lack of peace as they are perplexed with distress. These natives would have to undergo much perspiration in work. 

The natives of Ketu in Ascendant are perceived to have a weak composition of mind, besides which they have more fragile personalities. These people would lead a tense life as they are prone to unreasonable high stress. Due to variant reasons they would require to struggle for almost everything they would wish in their life. Apart from this, Ketu in 1st house would bring health problems to the spouses of the natives. There will be ups and downs in conjugal path of the natives which would bring anguish to the person. This house is known as an ascendant with vicinity of planet Ketu demonstrating hardship in life. In spite of the fact that the natives will be astute and insightful he may feel anxious.  Gathering money is a huge issue for him and he may need to try additional endeavors in winning. 

Ketu in 1st house gives a need to collaborate with others in agreeable connections, as these people are to a great extent more free. They consider everything regarding what might make them glad. Satisfaction is something which may be felt when they utilize their own assets in helping other people on an agreeable, and equalitarian premise. At the point when ketu in 1st house it will help their father despite the fact that it would be malefic. At the point when house no. 6 and 7 are malefic, ketu will magnify the sun and when house no. 6 and 7 are clear, ketu will bring devastation. It is fitting to serve 3 worldly pooches to get advantageous result. 

Ketu in 1st house shows that the natives is constantly stressed over adventure or exchanges. What's more, their trip may be crossed out ultimately. The natives will likewise stay stressed for his kids. They won't be stressed over the future and will have great income. At the point when ketu in 1st house it will make the natives exceptionally worried in their self nature. Ketu may get to be unfavorable after marriage and as a cure he ought to take the assistance of Saturn. Generally, ketu will be extremely malefic and may bring about the demise of their father. 

Provided that ketu in 1st house is malefic, the local might experience the ill effects of migraine. His wife might have health issues and might have stresses concerning children. In the event that second and seventh houses are void then Mercury and Venus might additionally give terrible outcomes. There might be voyages, exchanges with no addition. Assuming that Saturn is malefic it might obliterate father and master. Provided that Sun is in seventh or eighth house then after the conception of a grandson the health might endure. No offerings ought to be given in morning and night. 

Give monkeys jaggery (gur) to eat. 
Saffron should be applied as tilak. 
If progeny is distressed then give a black and white blanket to shrine.

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