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Ketu in aries

Career Astrology†:†Ketu in Aries is the planet of second shadow. A dragon body has its tail which is †known as †ketu.The presence of ketu †in aries †has †a very †pleasant appearance. In this phase aries will be dominated by ketu with its high potentiality. But it shares a very †friendly †kind of †relationship with the ruling planet †of this †zodiac sign. People †of this †sign are †generally †very †aggressive but presence of ketu calms down the †aggressiveness. People †with such kind are †never †into any kind of risks or adventures. Rather †people of this †kind have † a tendency †of †self-doubt. And †such people do not be themselves †completely in front of others. They only †behave or show as much they want to be. Such people in relationships †will †always have anxiety or fear, which †could also spoil the relationship eventually.

Astrology of Ketu in Aries
Ketu in Aries zodiac brings second shadow planet in pleasing appearance along with much of potency and domination over Aries. Ketu is in a natural friendly relationship with ruling planet Mars of Aries enclosure. This grouping of Rahu and Mars generates quiet mixed reflections on these natives.

Ketu in Aries reduces aggressiveness in Aries people and would further diminish hasty approach in life which altogether turns them as calm personas with measured approach to life. These Aries natives are adventurous and risk taking people from astrological arena. Individuals of Ketu in Aries do not wish for dominancy all around instead they would prefer efforts to be same though they arenít as strong from inside. They prefer to win battles inside them and pursue a different path not with view of letting others follow them but for peace of own self.

Ketu in Aries is though a pleasing appearance, it is dominant in this placement with much potency. Ketu shares a very friendly relationship with the ruling planet of Aries, i.e. Mars. Due to this, Ketu in Aries is a pleasant appearance. However, many believe that placement of Ketu in Aries causes mixed reflections upon all natives. It has a positive as well as a negative side.

Aries people are generally quite aggressive. With Ketu in Aries, they calm down and reduce aggressiveness to some extent. It also makes sure that they do not have a hasty approach in life. People with Ketu in Aries usually have a measured approach in life. People with Ketu in Aries are never into risks or adventures. They believe in a simpler life path, rather than any unnecessary risks.

People with Ketu in Aries never want to be directly in limelight. They do not want to be in the dominant centre of everything. They are self conscious people who believe in competing with themselves rather than going in a fight with other individuals. They are never conscious of following a totally different path. In fact, they follow this path for the peace of mind which it would provide. When Ketu is in Aries and not associated with any malefic planet, a person will be respected in the society. Such a person may be wealthy and may work in the army. People with Ketu in Aries usually profess a commanding personality. They are brave as well as courageous.

Ketu in Aries individuals has gone through his past existence with a considerable measure of physical exercises, temper and animosity. In that life he picked up and lost numerous things all the while as he couldn't figure out how to adjust to them.


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