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Home Career Astrology : Ketu In 11th House

Career Astrology : Ketu in 11th house

Career AstrologyHere Ketu is acknowledged extremely exceptional. It gives fortune. The fortune earned by the local is more than his fatherly riches; however one has a tendency to stress over his destiny. Provided that Mercury is in third it accelerates Raj Yoga. Provided that Ketu is malefic here then the local has issue in his mid-region. The more he stresses over anticipated, more grieved he is. Grandma or mother of the local endures, if Saturn is additionally malefic. At that point there might be no profit from child or house. 

Astrology of Ketu in 11th house 
Shadow planet Ketu is one which has adverse presence in astrological arena bringing difficulties for many times. This keeps path harsh and difficult to native. Natives with Ketu in 11th house are blessed with good wealth and strong position in social arena. Arrival of Ketu in 11th house brings goodness of finance and social stature to person from results impacted by Jupiter and Saturn. This brings variations in result depending on horoscope placements. 

Presence of Ketu brings some difficulties in social and financial life path as this is not easy for the natives. Benefic placement of ketu in 11th house along with Saturn in 3rd house bringing high affluence to person and they attain wealth more than paternal one. These natives when confront much stress and worries from life in this placement. Besides the placement of Mercury in 3rd house bestows Raj yoga to native as this takes them to supreme heights of success. 

Malefic placement of Ketu in 11th house brings harshness in social arena and difficulties with finances to person. A malefic ketu brings problems in abdomen of person and mental stress is high. Placement of Ketu in 11th house beings an adverse impact on grandmother and mother of natives. Malefic placement of Saturn alongside malefic ketu would not let person to get benefitted from son and they would not be able to have house. 

Natives of this placement need to keep a black dog in their house while wearing emerald for reducing malefic effects of placement. The 11th house in Vedic astrology is viewed from place of salary stream from one or numerous other sources. Every planet in this house is viewed as favorable as is ketu, Saturn position therefore must likewise be broken down to touch base with official conclusion. Due to fact that Saturn is ruler of 11th house also being the Aquarius sign. On the off chance that Saturn is solid outcomes would be more positive. 

Most essential elements of Ketu in 11th house are gallant nature of the native which is inalienable. Such a man will never lose trust even in the hardest time. He will battle hard to turn out such circumstances with much confidence in diligent work, religion and god. He will be liberal, magnanimous and celebrated because of his inclination, musings and dedication towards work. 

Such natives are immaculate in organization and can deal with any odd circumstance. He has the expertise to lead any association effectively. Ketu in 11th house predicts sweet suits and fancied triumphs. A few circumstances will arise, of migration, travel and journey which will be productive, monetarily and professionally. 

1. Carry on black dog. 
2. Be dressed in an onyx or emerald.

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