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Terms and Conditions – Terms of Service

Greetings! By using the services provided by, you give your consent to our terms of service. It is appreciable that before opting for the services, you should vigilantly read the terms of service. Once you press the “I agree” button, it ensures that you have acknowledged our terms of service. Our website uses different platforms, such as e-mails, telephonic conversation or World Wide Web to presents their users the astrological information, data and consolidated reports and exceptional consultation through email and telephone.

As no discipline throws a picture perfect image, so we at along with our team of astrologers would like to make a clear statement regarding the Analysis provided by our team that do not keep the advice or any treatment program given by, parallel to the practice recommended by the licensed professional. does not give any assurance, or does not facilitate any kind of guarantee and implied warranty. puts in 100% effort in order to deliver quality analysis to you. However, In case of mis-interpretation made by the user, our website and astrologers would not be accountable for that.

In order to get accurate result, you need to follow the enlisted points. 

1. Information provided by the user should be complete, accurate and up to date. 

2. Minors are not liable to use this service as the services provided by is applicable only on adults, those who can understands the law can outline the legally the applicable law are available only to individuals who can form legally under binding contracts.

(a) Services prohibited by any jurisdiction 

(b) If user or the country from where the user belongs from are not allowed to enter into the trade relations with India or its citizens due to the prohibition of law, treaty or administration point of view. 

 (c) If the information provided by user do not fulfill the above mentioned points, than he/she is not allowed to use the Services provided by

3. The user is accountable for the multiple uses of its accounts, which are not actually or expressly endorsed by him

4. Users are not allowed to send or reassign any of their credentials, such as account ID and Password. In case of password change, follow the instructions given in the website

5. holds the authority, without limiting the preceding, for the termination of user’s account immediately. Here are such cases:

 (a) If the verification of the authenticity of user’s Registration data and other credential fails. 

(b) if figures out that the user’s actions may cause a legal liability for him, or all or some of Our other users,

(c) If we figured out that the user has interfered with other users of the site or the administration of the Services

(d) In case of violation of the’s Terms of Service or Privacy Policy.

6. won’t provide any warranty. When you are accepting our terms of service, it ensure that agree to the service provide as is along with all its defaults. We do not take any responsibility for the accessibility, timelines, removal, due release or malfunction of communication between the members or change in user’s personalized settings.

7. The purpose of the services provided by is Entertainment, so on behalf of our suppliers We likes to repudiate express or implied warranties, which includes unlimited warranty of merchantability, strength for a particular reason/purpose, title, non-violation, which provides no result in terms of warranty or representation which could be  acquired from the use content and services, the preciseness and dependability of the content acquired via services, any good or services bought under the or the services that create any sort of warranty.

8. In case of any controversy, claims and arguments, which relates to this conformity would be settled by binding arbitration in accordance with the commercial arbitration rules in the Indian Law. For such proceedings, the parties involved would give their consent by submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts of India and venue in Noida, UP (India).
9. There is No Refund policy, Once your Questions (Max 3 question) answered by our Astrologers Expert Team and delivered into your site account, No refund  claim would be entertain in any condition. 

Confidentiality is very important aspect for us and so is our Privacy Policy. 

Please note that we may update our policy with passage of time.


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