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Among all the planets, Saturn is believed to the most mystical planet as it is very difficult to understand the powers and energy of it. Saturn is an ardent follower for the law and order and also sticks to the justice. The cruelty of punishment for anybody who walks away from the law can be so terrible that it can even reach death and loosing the dear ones. The cruelty has no boundaries and it pays back immediately to all the people who deserve such punishment. Also it can easily rip off all the wealth and riches from a person in no time.Below is a special mantra for the Saturn God which is written about the energies and abilities of this planetary deity.

"Om Hlim Sham Shanaye Namah"

From the above mantra, the word ‘Hilm’ indicates the Stambhana Shakti which is the power of holding back, putting an end and interrupting. There are two more mantras given below which are believed to bring blessings from the Saturn. You need to memorise and chant the either one of them.


"Om praam preem praum sah shanayishraya namah"

"Om sham shanayisharaaye namah"      


All the mantras are chanted with a rosary like string which has 108 jepa beads; it can help you to keep count on the number of times the mantra has been chanted.This Mantra has to be chanted 24,000 times within a time period of 40 days along with puja. Flowers, Sandal wood and a ‘Sri Shani Yantr’ are the requisities while performing such puja. By keeping all these things you may get all the desired wishes sooner. Gayatri Mantra for Saturn is as follow:


"Om Sanaischaraya vidhamhe, Sooryaputraya dhimahi, tanno manda prachodayat"


The above mantra can be categorised into three categories. The first segment is the chants directly to the Saturn God. The second segment is the actual mantra and the third part is the synopsis of all the powers and energies of the mantra.Usually, this mantra will be chanted 3 times during 3 different times in a day. At dawn, this will be called as Gayatri, which is the earlier form and the companion of Lord Brahma. At noon, this will be referred to as Savitri, who is spouse of Lord Shiva. During dusk , it is be known as Sarasvati, Lord Vishnu’s spouse.There is another very ancient chant given below, which you can recite for Planet Saturn(23,000 times)


"Nilañjana-samabhasam ravi-putram yamagrajam"

"chaya-martanda-sambhutam tam namami shaishcharam"


The English translation for the above mantra is as follows,Being spiritual and devoted is very important aspect while chanting the above mantras and slogans. All the mantras will not fulfil your desires and wishes if it was not chanted with spirituality. So to get the showers of blessings from the Saturn God, pray and chant with pure devotion.



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