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Career Astrology : Saturn in libra

Career Astrology : Saturn in Libra enclosure brings planet in a pleasing appearance. Most of potency and domination is from Libra being an exaltation platter of planet Saturn. This is with maximum exaltation of 20 degrees. This combination brings much of positive brilliance upon natives of this arena.

Astrology of Saturn in Libra 

Natives of this combination with Saturn in Libra would be vigorous and brave personas who could be seen as exploring upon land. They are strong personalities with high mounts of success and prosperity along with gift of charm. They are respected people who are proud of themselves too. These people with Saturn in Libra are generous and kind at heart. These people are truly humanitarian in approach and strongly judgmental with vision. They are quiet inclined toward social services. They are truly independent personalities with strong composition of intellect and understanding. 

Saturn in Libra bend over backwards to ensure right decision is made. They can see both sides of issue and determine just outcomes. They often lose themselves in more personal interactions due to this obsession. Saturn also represents karma ambition, control, restrictions, learning from mistakes. This is not a problem for Libra as they are always cautious in endeavors. They take their time to weigh pros and cons of everything before rendering final verdict. Though this can be very helpful in dealing with other people’s problems it is sometimes hindering Libra Saturn people in figuring out their own. 

Saturn in Libra tend to adapt social skills to balance between their self regulated tendencies with affection that they have for other people. Saturn in Libra have discipline to maintain the kind of lifestyle which they want. Saturn in Libra people are not as confident when it comes to their wants and needs. They are incredibly indecisive. This is often detrimental to day to day activities, never mind bigger decisions for career or romantic life. 

This is where Saturn in Libra often have problems dealing with those closest to them, who may be relying on the same for something that they are afraid they cannot deliver. Saturn in Libra often feel held back with their convictions so they need to learn to let it out and not be afraid of consequences. Saturn in Libra are just and fair. They are refined and intellectual. They are natural diplomats with a great sense of tact. They would cooperate rather than compete making it easier for them to work with others.

Saturn in Libra crave a solid relation though they might break the rules they set themselves causing problems with partner. They might limit themselves with fear of losing their partner. On the other hand, they would have no problems using a partner simply for appearances.


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