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Career Astrology : Saturn in Leo

Career Astrology : Saturn in Leo zodiac brings much of negative reflection from the combination on natives on account of Saturn being a natural enemy of ruling Sun of Leo arena.

Astrology of Saturn in Leo  
This brings some adverse effects on natives. People of the enclosure of Saturn in Leo are perceived to be aggressive and highly obstinate with low flexibility in attitude. They carry strength of mind and persona while always seeking to dominate enclosure with less understanding which could be reason behind many conflicts.

These individuals of arena of Saturn in Leo are clever minded turning to path of evil deeds. On other part they are unfortunate beings who could see much of hurdles in their life as leading to a difficult and unsuccessful direction. They are vigorous people who are believed to work hard. Saturn in Leo keep their true personality close to their vest. They are more reserved and disciplined with endeavors, although deep down they sometimes want to break free of the responsibilities. Those who know them best would encourage them not to let loose. 

Saturn in Leo are not confident in themselves as they tread carefully while starting a new endeavor. They are not afraid to do what is necessary to complete project though they do not throw caution to wind either. Saturn in Leo do make sure of their business being done. They possess ability to go off on a spontaneous adventure, while needing someone to push them in right direction. Saturn in Leo people need to maintain a semblance of control at all times, so they only occasionally let themselves go and have a good time. These people naturally take charge of situation which sometimes comes across to others as bossy.

Their rigid way of doing things is a turn off to some who feel an inability to go with flow which is boring or even detrimental to success. Only time Saturn in Leo drop their guard is when they get in love. In other ways they also have too much pride or dignity, to be seen acting in both silly or foolish manner. This can curb their romantic life, as they would not be willing to let themselves fall in love as other zodiac signs. 

Saturn in Leo has a strong need for recognition. They clearly want to be the leader. They have a lot of creative talent, which they find difficult to express. Saturn in Leo is strong willed. They need to work on expressing their love for others and their humility. Cooperation would be a challenge for them. Saturn in Leo are prone to issues of heart, spine and back. This might be heart disease, circulation problems or other such issues. They might even resist authority or perceive it to be coming from outside of themselves.