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Career Astrology : Saturn in 2nd house

Career AstrologyBhrigu says that Saturn in the 2nd house usually gives poverty. It may make one a petty cultivator or a petty businessman. It may make one a lord or master of religious institutions. Rahim Khana Khana says that it may give poverty or economics hardship. 

Astrology of Saturn in 2nd house 
Saturn or shani in 2nd house makes person really work hard for attaining success as it never gives without taking efforts from person. For the same reason the presence of Saturn in 2nd house would make person highly ambitious to life and hard working for attaining affluence bringing them higher wealth. Natives of the placement of Saturn in 2nd house pursue a determined and sincere path of attaining wealth on land besides which they possess a practical vision of savings as they always save some money for poorer days. Though they would never invest in risky ventures even if they would offer higher benefits. 

Natives with Saturn in 2nd house seek financial stability of lives for which these natives would face many obstacles in life path which could lead them to pessimism. While keeping optimism and keep on walking further this would make them attain greater triumphs. Natives of placement who have Saturn in 2nd house would carry a wise, philosophical and spiritual approach with true kindness in attitude. Impacts of Saturn in 2nd house would get affected from planetary placements in 8th house which is adversely impacted when natives would walk at the temples barefoot for forty-three days. These folks should offer milk to snakes, put a tilak of curd or milk over their forehead every-day. 

Traditional astrology would interpret Saturn’s presence in 2nd house to mean a lack of or difficulty in getting real world possessions like money, cars, etc. Moving away from this fatalistic approach, one would try to personalize meaning of Saturn in 2nd house for individual. From a personality standpoint, the 2nd house reflects attitude to real world possessions. Avoid pessimism is a good advice for them. They might be overly cautious in way they invest in finances. Saturn in 2nd house people are likely to invest their hard earned money in low risk treasury bonds than in higher risks of stock market. This might be good or bad, depending on how one looks at it. Their investments remain rock solid over years, though they would not grow as much if they had been more of a risk taker. 

Saturn in 2nd house are likely to live a comfortable lifestyle with a secure nest egg. They are always planning and organizing things to go their way. Though aware they might lose out on opportunities since they did not take any risk. Saturn in 2nd house would have meanings to predict their ability to plan is one of strongest assets. Though life does not always go the way they planned they cannot figure out every possible thing that could go wrong. So while their efforts are admirable they are not always enough.

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