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Career Astrology : Saturn in virgo

Career astrology : Saturn in Virgo zodiac brings positive brilliance to natives as the planet is natural friend of ruling planet Mercury of Virgo arena. This brings a positive impact upon natives from the combination. 

Astrology of Saturn in Virgo 
Saturn’s influence in Virgo bestows inner strength as this reduces inner vulnerability. They are stronger in mind which leads them towards being highly critical, harsh and quarrelsome in the end. They become strict and stubborn with approach.  Individuals of Saturn in Virgo are more intellectual though they carry a narrow minded attitude and are perceived to be reserved individuals. These people are inclined to comfort and social life, due to their tough attitude they face some hurdles in life leading them to direction of poverty. Saturn in Virgo are downright fastidious with focus on minute facts and figures. While this is helpful, it is sometimes a hindrance causing them to lose sight of big picture. 

Saturn in Virgo is a title perfectionist as they would go from their way to ensure every facet of project or plan being carried out to letter. Saturn in astrology is a father figure who places limitations on decisions made and way we lead our lives. Virgo is already one of many more reserved sun signs, so Saturn in Virgo is most introverted of them all. Saturn in Virgo long term projects with a lot of small elements. They pride themselves on being able to handle a number of difficult tasks at same time and thrive on having a busy schedule. And they are fully capable of handling it too, as long as they realize their limitations. Saturn in Virgo can lead a somewhat lonely existence, as they do not like to go out and meet new people or take risk of any kind. 

Saturn in Virgo need to learn scheduling some time that does not involve any kind of work or errands. Leisure activity is just as imperative to maintain as all other activities. If they are to have a fulfilling existence Saturn in Virgo need to also learn of laughing at mistakes and move on, rather than try to avoid these altogether. Saturn in Virgo is practical and hard worker. They can be very serious. Being good at researching, record keeping and strategizing they make good in their work aspects. 

Trivial details would distract them. They are cautious and conservative who plan well for future. They might get self critical, or under-value own talents. Despite their thinking, they hardly need to be perfect, to be successful. Virgo Saturn’s shun the limelight. Being shy as well as reserved, they generally get timid in public. They get lured into obsessive compulsive traits or fears. For them, bringing routine with order are important part of their lives.


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