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Career Astrology : Saturn in 6th house

Career Astrology : By and large, Saturn in 6th house is upheld to be auspicious. Saturn is said to be Karaka of the 6th Bhava which also refers to the service. Saturn in 6th house is quite suitable for those in service. It may make one a magistrate or a judge, a warrior, a police officer, a public prosecutor, a lawyer, a physician, a ruler or an administrator.

Astrology of Saturn in 6th house
Saturn or shani is a strong celestial presence and is explicit expression of firmness which bestows all hard shades of planet to aspects of this house. Saturn or shani would play a major role in life of natives.

Natives of Saturn in 6th house carries a very serious and sincere approach to work for which they are strongly hard working and determined personalities on land. These people are concerned of little aspects at work for which they might handle much pressure on work for natives. These people are quiet workaholic in attitude as they would only think of work and not care of comfort and well being. They would accomplish all work well and by their own.

Natives of placement of Saturn in 6th house strictly ask for sincerity at work from others as they would not want any kind of fun at work, they lack flexibility and carry a firm attitude at work. They put all their endeavor at work and want others also to do the same. A severe and stern attitude of natives at workplace would be a major cause of some bitter relations around. They would carry unreasonable worries and face some health problems as well.

Natives of this placement of Saturn in 6th house should marry after 28 years of age as it is a pleasing conjugal path then. Natives should pursue works related to Saturn at night as this brings true benefits to person. The benefic placement of Ketu bestows strong affluence along with beneficial journeys endowing them with blissful and satisfied life with family. People with malefic placement of Saturn in 6th house should not bring stuff related to Saturn like leather and iron products as it brings adverse impacts to person.  They should serve black dogs and offer them meals with love as it brings blessings of Saturn to person. Natives should serve snakes for welfare of children and should offer coconut and almonds in running water.

Saturn is most comfortable in 6th house. This house rules attitude to work, service and body. Saturn in 6th house meaning shows that they are busy to feel useful and willing to go above and beyond what is expected of them to make sure everything is executed perfectly. Saturn in 6th house astrology predicts that they would put a lot of pressure on yourself to be perfect in every way. This is too much for anyone to handle in healthy manner.  Saturn in 6th house’s instincts tell them to be careful which is good advice keeping them from taking risks.

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