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Career Astrology : Saturn in third House

Career AstrologyBhrigu says that Saturn in 3rd house may make one a powerful person. Hrivansh says that it may make one a famous ruler or administrator. He may be a big employer too. Mahesh says it may make one a govt. official or the head of some local body. 

Astrology of Saturn in 3rd house 
Saturn planet is perceived to be harsh planet which provides difficulties and hurdles to people but takes them to success in end. Placement of Saturn in 3rd house impacts over mental and core composure of person making them practical and simple in approach. 

Natives of this placement of Saturn in 3rd house are very determined sincere and serious to life though they would not be completely stable at mind as they would confront depression at times. Natives of placement of Saturn in 3rd house are having intellectual mind to analyze and bring logics with decisions and only speak till required extent with worthy words for which they are admired by others. These people with Saturn in 3rd house are deep believers of truth and would express that only, besides which they are bestowed with strong vision to differentiate between right and wrong. 

Natives who possess Saturn in 3rd house would confront some difficulties in educational path and would have a quiet harsh life during early times though they emerge high on educational grounds later. People of this placement are truly patient and perceive possible depth before taking further steps. They would attain good affluence and positions in life. 

In the end, natives with Saturn in 3rd house need to stay away from immoral drinking and non vegetarian food for staying in benefic enclosure of placement. If other planetary placements in horoscope chart are bringing adverse impacts from Saturn then, the native needs to donate medicines of eyes and serve three dogs for reducing negative impacts. By keeping a dark room in house this would get help for person. 

Saturn in 3rd house might make you feel ill at ease while you go about day-to-day life. Saturn in 3rd house would cause them to slow down and pay more attention to surroundings. They generally love to talk and express yourself in most efficient way possible. Saturn makes them a quieter person. Listening is more with their style statement. Saturn represents a kind of father figure in everyone’s lives one which is all about responsibility, delays, restrictions and commitment. 

Saturn in 3rd house means showing that they are an outspoken individual. Though they are often anxious afterward, as if they might have crossed a line. This can be troubling for them, especially when others would want them to communicate things. They feel caught in middle and are sometimes not sure what to do next. With Saturn in 3rd house in horoscope they have ability to communicate effectively with others so use it to get ahead in life. 

Saturn in 3rd house astrology would suggest that the one thing they need to be conscious of is way they come across to people. If they have a practiced approach at conversation, it might not come across as natural and people might think that they are a fake.


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