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Career Astrology : Saturn in 11th house

Career AstrologyAlthough Jupiter is said to be Karake of the 2nd, 11th, 5th and 9th Bhavas ruling over wealth, Saturn as lord of the 11th sign should be divine as natural Karake of 11th house. Saturn is Karake of all achievements possible through hard and sincere work. 

Astrology of Saturn in 11th house 
Saturn or shani is a potent presence in astrological chart bringing strength and dominance with hurdles and difficulties in path. Arrival of Saturn in 11th house bestows natives with good social presence and good relations around including high aspirations to person. 

Natives of placement of Saturn in 11th house carry high hopes and dreams. They are truly determined and dedicated in their path. They would give all required endeavor in their walk and fight with obstacles. Even if their path is harsh they would reach good heights of professional and social arena attaining good affluence and position. From high endurance and patience they can further strengthen their path. 

People who are born with Saturn in 11th house carry good relations around as they develop bonds with many in social arena. With their intimate and close relations which are a few they would possess numerous friends around. They would be truly friendly and be able to merge with any age group besides which they are often approached by people in need. People having Saturn in 11th house do not involve in worthless social stuff as they find it tiring though this will carry a significant presence. 

These people do not share personal core with everyone and prefer to keep it aloof, though people would come to notice it. These folks are free living souls who always need their own space. On the other part, people with Saturn in 11th house could be somewhat untrue and deceitful at times, while their shrewdness further helps them in growing ahead. Their fortune can reach good levels after age of forty. Saturn provides results depending on the placements of Rahu and Ketu in horoscope chart. 

Natives of placement of Saturn in 11th house place a vessel filled with water before going to any important work. They should sprinkle oil or wine on earth for continuous forty three days as this would reduce malefic effects. They need to stay away from immoral food and drinks, while keeping their character and core, pure and true. With all their creative ideas and theories people with Saturn in 11th house, want to test these on other people to see if they should work. 

While Saturn in 11th house makes them want to shy away from things which are too ordinary or widely accepted by society, you must learn to judge things from their actual merit. Sometimes their fear of failure would make them automatically go against grain to avoid joining a group or submitting to particular idea. Saturn in 11th house astrology predicts that they have intelligence and stamina to follow their dreams.

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