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Career Astrology : Saturn in 9th house

Career AstrologyAstrologers are divided over the effects of Saturn in 9th house. Those who view Saturn as a planet of hurdles and sorrows consider its presence in the 9th Bhava as the deprivation of good fortune. 

Astrology of Saturn in 9th house 
Saturn or shani is a giver of variant impacts on natives and this always comes with blend of good and bad with similar results. When Saturn is in 9th house it would provide strong understanding of philosophies and great intellect with some stubbornness. 

People in placement of Saturn in 9th house attain great heights in path of education and learning. They possess strong philosophical hold of persona in which they are mature with more practical understanding and are truly spiritual with approach. Natives of this placement of Saturn in 9th house would not accept and adapt to changing environment around them. They would not let world change them. They possess great powers to stick to own stand, making them move a bit is a lot more effort then. 

Natives with Saturn in 9th house attain greater success upon land if they learn flexibility in life otherwise immense firmness is a reason behind their own obstacles. People of this placement of Saturn in 9th house are blessed with three houses in life leading a happy long life. These people are believed to have attained admirable success in arenas of tour operating and civil engineering. It would reduce malefic effects of Saturn to good extent while being generous and helpful to others bringing good benefits. Natives of this placement would have a son later in life. 

Though these natives have a good life but it brings difficulties and natives can pursue remedies to reduce adverse impacts of Saturn. They should offer rice or almonds in running water and be associated with profession including Jupiter and moon bestowing success to person. 9th house governs functioning of higher mind and those thought processes defining as humans. Mind expansion is a basic 9th house function. The 9th house signifies individual’s personal philosophy in life, perception of reality of life and reaction to new ideas. 

Saturn in 9th house indicates a practical minded individual. They are unlikely to take to flights of fantasy or fancy ideas. They might even be closed to new ideas. Their mind is so active that Saturn in 9th house can have a calming influence for them. At the same time it could also stifle creativity causing them to shut themselves from new ideas. Influence of Saturn in 9th house could turn them off to change since their ideals and moral code are strict and static. They must try not to close from positive change.  Saturn in 9th house comes handy in these times and allows to see the good in new things. Rather than discouraging imagination, they get encouraged from ingenuity.

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