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Career Astrology : Saturn in sagittarius

Career Astrology : Saturn in Sagittarius enclosure keep the planet with normal façade in general domination on account of Saturn being sharing a neutral relation with ruling planet Jupiter of Sagittarius arena. This does not bring much of alteration in portrait of Sagittarius. 

Astrology of Saturn in Sagittarius 
Natives of the combination with Saturn in Sagittarius bring strong personalities with much of energy inside and liveliness to personality. Besides this they would be quiet practical and lead a contented life with satisfactory success and prosperity. Natives of this arena can be seen as courteous people. 

These people with Saturn in Sagittarius are perceived to have strong intellect with strong mind and reduced sensitivity. They could even turn artful and cunning. They are generous as well as kind individuals at heart. They like to have peace, determination and loyalty in their life. Saturn in Sagittarius are reserved and deal with one situation or problem at a time. While they still have an insatiable thirst for learning new things, they start with one subject. These natives feel it provides them advantage above others, such that they do not have to delve completely into it. While in other cases it does. 

Saturn in Sagittarius people could find themselves going up against people who can handle their issues at same time, causing them to be inferior or limited in skill-set. They must learn to adapt to these kinds of sudden situations for which they are not prepared. This kind of narrow view also would distort their enjoyment of life as a whole. Saturn sign people do not notice beauty around them since they are so focused on educational endeavors. 

Saturn in Sagittarius can come off as cold or detached when they are researching something since they do not stop looking around once researching something. They would not stop to look around once in a while. While in education they memorize facts and figures as important, there are other ways to learn from experience. Since Saturn in Sagittarius love to travel this is also a great way for them to grow as an individual. Saturn in Sagittarius are serious when it comes to philosophy, religion and education. They are highly principled in that they can earn their achievements from hard work. Reputation is important for them. 

Saturn in Sagittarius can become disillusioned with authority and they make their own disillusion through use of stronger intuitions. By letting go of fear, they evolve into a better self. They would still want their freedom. Saturn in Sagittarius must learn to trust. They might be open and careless, indecisive. Unless they can learn to open up, they would continue to suffer. They might need to judge more carefully or learn what is appropriate and what isn’t. Saturn in Sagittarius could suffer difficulties with muscles, sciatic nerve, liver and hips. Exercise is important to keep flexibility of these areas.