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Career Astrology : Saturn in Gemini

Career Astrology : Placement of Saturn in Gemini sign would bring planet in a pleasing appearance with some positive brilliance for natives on account of natural friendship in between planet Saturn and ruling planet Mercury of Gemini enclosure. 

Astrology for Saturn in Gemini 
Natives of this combination of Saturn in Gemini would be people of higher liberties who would not bind themselves in confinements neither in any of relations. Besides they also carry lumps of energy and love to explore on account of being adventurous as well as creative.

These individuals with Saturn in Gemini are perceived to be intellectual and strong in mind though they are ingenious personalities with narrow mindedness besides which they are logical too. They would lack at the side of understanding which could have a miserable life though these people would not let it hurt much to their inner essence and would begin again. Saturn in Gemini adapt to situations easily, using a systematic and logical approach. They are cool and rational in face of adversity. They have excellent powers of reasoning such that they do well in mathematics and science. Gemini Saturn’s are serious with new ideas popping into their heads all time, though they are afraid of trying something new. 

Saturn in Gemini people have a weak point in lungs. Throat is afflicted as center of speech. They need to learn challenges mean opportunity, which are faced and overcome than avoided. Negative thinking is a challenge faced by Saturn in Gemini people. They  also have difficulty relating to family, both mentally and physically. Making connections with others is an important issue for them to deal with. 

Saturn in Gemini is more stable with better sense of direction than most. With their sharp intellect and strong desire to communicate they are able to get things done. Saturn in astrological arena represents a kind of father figure in lives, keeping us in line and placing restrictions on more reckless tendencies. So Saturn in Gemini is more reserved with their thinking keeping them better focused than other planets in Gemini. 

Saturn in Gemini is able to concentrate on minute details of an issue with soaking up of true meaning of what they are looking at. Saturn in Gemini works best when they are well organized and working toward one thing at a time.  Though with their skills they are able to overcome this obstacle leading to a perfectly fulfilling lifestyle. 

Saturn in Gemini have to be cautious of is their self doubt. Struggle between changing directions and Saturn’s tendency keeps them on straight and narrow leaving them feeling unsure of what they are supposed to do next. This would help keep Saturn in Gemini happy and content with where they are going in life.


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