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Career Astrology : Saturn in Cancer

Career Astrology : Saturn in Cancer zodiac brings planet to unpleasant façade on account of Saturn sharing a natural enmity with ruling planet Moon of Cancer enclosure. 

Astrology of Saturn in Cancer 
This brings much negative impact upon the portrait of Cancer arena. Natives of this combination of Saturn in Cancer are perceived to be quiet self centered with weak composure of mind but over self belief and desire to dominate. These people could also turn into the immoral path of wickedness and cunningness due to their being more liable to malice due to their high sensitivity and malleability. Impact of Saturn in Cancer makes them stubborn with attitude, besides which they are believed to be comfort or pleasure seeking. 

Individuals of this arena lead a poor path in life besides much hurdles. As a water sign Cancer is best known for expressing themselves through their emotions. Though Saturn in Cancer is more reserved and keeps their feelings bottled up inside. This has the potential to lead to anxiety or depression if they are unable to find a healthy way to articulate their thoughts. Saturn in Cancer is not emotionally demonstrative. They would prefer to hide their inner thoughts and feelings. Home and family are of utmost importance.  They often give up their opportunities to take care of their family. They often have a strong bond with family members though they have trouble expressing it. 

Saturn in Cancer are easily depressed. They might appear to be clingy and fearful. They might constantly need to overcome their insecurity. They also might obsess about creating love which they feel that they missed out on as a child. While they hate feeling dependent on others, they would constantly need to be reassured of being loved and needed. They often feel that no matter how much they accumulate it is not enough. Once they get this, they make great strides towards self-confidence with feelings of security. 

Saturn in Cancer sign do not want to appear as if they are unable to do anything else in their life other than caring for others. This is a responsibility they feel they are required to do, almost to point of an obsessive compulsive behavior. If they do not fulfill this obligation they can feel useless or worthless. It is important to be less obsessive if Saturn in Cancer is to be healthy also. They would often feel a heavy weight on their chest if they are constantly concerned with maintaining control of their emotions.

Saturn in Cancer people need to learn it is okay to rely on others, to lean on shoulders of those who have leaned on theirs for most of time. What the Saturn in Cancer need to understand is that their family and friends love them no matter what, which is one thing that could help raise their self confidence.


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