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Career Astrology : Saturn in Aquarius

Career Astrology : Saturn with Aquarius sign keeps planet with dominance at potent presence from Saturn ruling own arena of Aquarius. Natives to this enclosure get most attributes of Aquarius. These natives with complete authority of planet Saturn are perceived to be intellectual beings with practicality in approach and indeed are pursuer of moral path on account of philosophical and thoughtful blend. 

Astrology of Saturn in Aquarius 
Natives with Saturn in Aquarius are free living and detached with vivaciousness and vigorousness of approach. On other hand they might be somewhat self centered and proud keeping humanity alive with them. While Aquarius is often quirky and unconventional according to astrology basic principles, Saturn in Aquarius is a lot more structured in life. They are reserved with actions even with their thoughts still being considered outside the box. 

Saturn in Aquarius know the end result to which they are working. They might make sure they have good people to brainstorm with since they always need someone to bounce their ideas off as a sound board. These natives have to be careful not to ostracize themselves from group since they would do much work alone. They could come off as cool or detached in reasoning and be a deterrent for those who appreciate warm dialogues. 

Saturn in Aquarius could use work with delivery since they get knowledgeable of subject and are sure of themselves with research. They can be sounding snobbish to other people. While Saturn in Aquarius have lot to offer they could not communicate effectively enough. This could have detrimental consequences if they are unable to get others to comprehend solutions to complex problems. 

Saturn in Aquarius could marry their creative ideas with practical applications then they would go far ahead in life. Their ability to think for outside of usual guidelines is beyond compare. This is important as they are able to express ideas in positive manner so people would want to listen. Saturn in Aquarius have ability to concentrate. They also have a scientific mind. Being inventive and original they are also conservative. They might see future as bleak.  

They often work towards improving society and are good at organizing. Saturn in Aquarius need structure in life though they are unconventional. They would need to share their ideas at a place even when they are impractical or fanciful. Their big challenge is to grow while being open and fair to everyone. They are strong, scientific and impersonal. Also cold, opinionated and unloving while they keep circulatory and nervous systems healthy. This also affects their heart, while obstructions in circulation lead to serious life threatening conditions.


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