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Home Career Astrology : Saturn In 1st House

Career Astrology : Saturn in 1st house

Career AstrologyBhrigu says the Saturn in Lagan may confer affluence and victory over rivals, whatever may be one’s profession. Saturn in Libra or in Capricorn or Aquarius may make one a ruler or the head of some office. Presence of the Moon in the 7th from Saturn in Lagna  may make one dependent on others. 

Astrology of Saturn in 1st house 
Saturn planet is one of most malefic presences in astrological arena as it brings most of harshness and hardship to native’s life. Saturn is one of the most potent planets bestowing dominance and authority to people having Saturn placed in 1st house. 

People with Saturn in ascendant possess a tough appearance and firm composure besides which they also carry a serious approach to life. These natives are conservative beings who possess profound depth lurking inside for which they are not expressive beings. On other part, these people having Saturn in 1st house do not possess much flexibility in attitude and are not much open minded in attitude as they are highly determined and sincere beings who expect the same from others. These natives are strict to others and to themselves as well. 

Natives of Saturn in ascendant are born with aggression and bestowed with potency and power for which they keep trying to dominate over every other person. They are perceived to achieve a place of authority in professional enclosure also. Natives of Saturn in 1st house are not emotional beings for which they also possess stability in personality. Although internally they could possess much restlessness and depression due to various conflicts in mind for which they need someone to perceive their core also and bring betterment in lives. 

Otherwise, these natives could take themselves somewhere in some other world. Apart from this, the natives of Saturn in ascendant would confront difficulties in their path of education which could lead them to desertion of studies besides which martial life could also possess some obstacles. These people with Saturn in 1st house could face unpopularity and insolence in lives and they appear hostile and ruthless while they are gentle beings at their core.

1st house stands for way in which an individual can project personal energies onto others. This house is fundamental in defining individual’s personality and Saturn’s presence here is particularly significant. Saturn in 1st house might have a stern exterior. People would comment you look so different when you smile !’ When they smile their stern exterior would drop. Saturn in 1st house makes them aware than others of right or wrong in a societal manner.

Self assertion at work and home might be stressful. Developing awareness about your guilt and anxiety attacks. Fighting this guilt and anxiety is best bet to lay low and first letting people around them articulate and taking what they want and need. 
They take what they want. It is important for natives to have their spouses and partners understand self-assertion issues. A spouse or partner who is understanding goes a long way to making life pleasant.

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