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Career Astrology : Saturn in fourth House

Career AstrologyFrom the point of view of professional aspect not much is said about the effects of Saturn in 4th house. It is obvious that Saturn in Lagna, 4th house and 8th house will be aspecting the 10th house  and thereby it may be influencing the profession. 

Astrology of Saturn in 4th house 
Saturn or Shani planet brings a blend of both positive and negative shades which is also the placement of Saturn in 4th house. This is reason for both good and adverse things in a native’s life. The lives of these natives would be both difficult and pleasing at times. Natives of this placement of Saturn in 4th house are devoted to their homes and families for whom they try to bring comforts of home. On the other part they are dominating with presence in family, maintain discipline and security at home. 

In true words, these natives with Shani in 4th house are burdened with various family responsibilities which could be difficult for them at times. Natives of Saturn in 4th house are inclined to loved ones as they would take care with best efforts. They see to it as responsibility besides which somewhere they are irritated at times though in true form they are kind and loving from heart. 

Presence of Saturn in 4th house makes person truly loyal and turns them patriotic from core. Natives could face bad health while they could be in medical profession. These people should avoid alcohol, killing of snakes and drinking milk at night. They should not give foundation to their house at night as this would not be good. They need to offer milk to snakes and milk or rice to crows or buffalo. Natives need to pour rum in running water and milk in well for betterment in their lives. 

Saturn in 4th house is about how best to relate to them, while they have a caring and nurturing person, they also feel need to offer ‘tough love’. Due to this they may come across as cold or detached. Saturn in 4th house astrology predicts they put much pressure on themselves to be perfect partner, parent or child which they forget what it is like to simply be yourself. By ignoring pull of getting things right all the time and need to figure what they want from life. 

Saturn in 4th house means showing they might have control of everything which happens though they always have control over the way they react to it. By trying to let go of inhibitions and letting waves of change wash them off their old ways, is the best way to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They must try to see the good with it.

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