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Career Astrology : Saturn in Pisces

Career Astrology : Saturn in Pisces zodiac keeps planet within a neutral façade on account of Saturn sharing neutral relation with ruling planet Jupiter of Pisces arena. This keeps a balance in domination of both planets upon portrait of zodiac. 

Astrology for Saturn in Pisces 
Natives of this combination of Saturn in Pisces get inner strength from Saturn further reducing inner sensitivity to less extent bestowing stability of mind. They are intellectual and witty personalities doing well with planning. Individuals with Saturn in Pisces are kind and generous at heart with soft attitude which they carry with a vivacious personality and pursue a happy life. They can be seen amongst successful people gaining respect as well. Natives could be depressed or negative with a general view of life. They would need to learn to separate themselves from social circle to compensate. 

Saturn is an authority figure placing limitations and restrictions on choices made. Natives could question their own motives and decisions. They feel too self conscious for their own ability. They work on developing more positive attitude to life in general or else their concerns could be damaging with repercussions on physical and mental health. They make great friends but at expense of health. 

It is imperative that they even out helpful ways to some personal rest and relaxation. Main thing they work on should be self doubt. While they be great at loving others and taking care of them they do not handle reverse as well. When people try to help them they would feel as much unworthy of attention. Intuition of Saturn in Pisces alone is enough to help them past difficult situations. 

Saturn in Pisces are sensitive. Often they get feeling of defenseless or vulnerability. They could be bit paranoid since it is easier for them to see negative side than positive side. They could feel victim or martyr. They can turn sensitivity into positive thing. By being compassionate and pragmatic they also become artistic, psychic or spiritual. They might feel need for religion. They are however, growing with emotional understanding, compassion and humility. 

They would feel obligated to help lesser fortunate people than themselves. They might need to come up on negative emotions, deep fears and wandering imagination. They are adept with social work, medical care, religion and arts. Saturn in Pisces may deal with difficulties of feet. This is analogous with how they stand in life or tread the path. Foot bones may be a source of pain for them.


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